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We all have a lot more meals to cook these days, and in some cases more time to cook them. To light your culinary fire and to change up your repertoire, we have a range of tempting recipes from our partners.

  • Create your own multi-course Zimbabwean feast with tried and true recipes from Imvelo Safari Lodges. Picture yourself enjoying the meal under the stars at Nehimba Lodge (pictured above) in the company of elephants.
  • Holy week may be over, but it doesn’t mean you can’t try your hand at fanesca soup – a traditional favorite of Tropic Ecuador.
  • You may not be out in the bush right now, but many of you can still practice live fire cooking at home. This three course meal from Ultimate Safaris will transport you to the campfire after a great day on safari. If you’d rather opt for a vegan meal, their lentil bobotie recipe from The Nest at Sossus is absolutely delicious!
  • It may not be December, the month where ticos (Costa Ricans) feast on tamales, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t craving them! Now is the perfect time to learn to make your own.
  • Don’t let the ingredients list scare you – it’s worth the effort to make Travel Ethiopia’s doro wat – a deeply flavored chicken stew and one of the country’s most beloved dishes. If you want to make it a little easier, buy a pre-made berbere spice mix.
  • Celebrate like the Ugandans with eshabwe, a special sauce traditionally served at weddings, but now a more mainstream condiment. Classic Africa Safaris’ recipe for this unusual dish is easy to follow.
  • There’s never a bad time for a donut and Classic Africa Safaris’ Cissy Nantume’s recipe for mandazis, an East African donut, looks divine. Go ahead, you’ve earned it.
  • We still remember our first meal with matoke (cooking banana) in Tanzania with surprise and delight. Albatros East Africa gives us a recipe to try at home (though we’ll have to use plantains, which are available locally).
  • It really isn’t a meal in Guatemala without corn tortillas. Making the dough is the easy part (Maya Trails recipe has only two ingredients, one of which is water!) but getting the shape and thickness right, that’s where the magic of the Mayan hands comes in – good luck!
  • Want to take a page out of Chef Iker Algorri’s cookbook, literally? This recipe for chicken in Coloradito salsa comes straight out of his book, Cooking Adventures in Baja California Sur! Buen Provecho!
  • What’s a meal without a sweet ending? Try New Frontiers’ malva pudding recipe for a special way to cap off the evening!

We hope to share a table with you sometime soon, but until then, happy cooking!

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