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At a Glance

  • WHO’S WHO: Jascivan Carvalho, General Manager and Owner
  • WHAT WE DO: Destination Management Company/Tour Operator
  • WHERE: Ecuador and Galapagos

  • UNIQUE SELLING POINTS: “May I Introduce You” programs let guests spend time with locals and discover hidden gems, award-winning community-based tourism initiatives, visitors can ‘live’ Ecuador with authentic, intimate experiences

Why Tropic Ecuador

Tropic Ecuador is an award-winning DMC and ecotourism company specializing in custom-designed adventure, nature, and cultural travel. Tropic provides exclusive encounters and unique experiences for travelers with a spirit of discovery, who are keen to explore the variety the variety of landscapes, cultures and adventures Ecuador has to offer: the enchantment of the cloud forests with their profusion of animals and birds; the lushness of the Amazon…

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    • Tropic works to bring depth to travel – giving visitors the chance to ‘live’ Ecuador
    • “May I Introduce You” programs give your guests the chance to spend time with locals and discovering Ecuador’s hidden gems
    • Award-winning community-based tourism initiatives – Tropic was awarded the National Geographic World Legacy Award for Engaging Communities
    • Unique lodges – including a tented safari camp in the Galapagos, an alpine lodge high in the Andes and Sani Lodge, deep in the heart of the Amazon

    Founded in 1994, Tropic Ecuador is an award-winning DMC and ecotourism company specializing in custom-designed adventure, nature, and cultural travel in Ecuador. Tropic provides exclusive encounters and unique experiences for travelers with a spirit of discovery and who are keen to explore the variety of landscapes, cultures and adventures Ecuador has to offer: The enchantment of the cloud forests with their profusion of animals and birds; the lushness of the Amazon with its rivers and ancient forest peoples; the high Andes and their spectacular snow-capped mountains, clear lakes and traditional hospitality; and the incredible wonder of the Galapagos Islands, and their incomparable geography, flora and fauna.

    Travel with Tropic is also about people and environments. Guests will make a connection with locals, contribute directly to conserving precious and threatened environments, help foster respect for native and traditional peoples and cultures, and support projects that provide benefits for the communities visited.

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  • The Kusini Collection is proud to represent a group of like-minded businesses in Africa and Latin America, who believe in having a positive impact on our world. They collaborate with local communities and conservation organizations within their destinations with the belief that empowerment of people and place and being a voice for wildlife and natural areas will result in healthy ecosystems and communities. Here’s just a taste of what they are up to…


    • Huaorani Ecolodge: Last year we regretfully had to temporarily close our award-winning Huaorani Ecolodge due to oil-related seismic exploration beginning in the area. It was a crushing decision to have to shutter one of the most successful community-based tourism partnerships in the entire Amazon basin. During its operation, the Lodge won numerous awards (including the National Geographic World Legacy Award), provided work for 80 local people and profits for the communities, as well as having helped to establish a 55,000 hectare reserve.
    • Tawantinsuyo Weaving Workshop: Master weaver Miguel Andrango’s family has been in the trade for at least four generations. Tropic clients have the chance to get to know Miguel on one of our programs to Otavalo and see his outstanding work firsthand, or, even better, join our Otavalo Lodge-to-Lodge walking program to take advantage of a very special opportunity: to share a meal with Miguel and his family, then enjoy a short weaving presentation and master class. Traditional craftspeople depend on the support of discriminating buyers, so encouraging your travelers to shop locally when visiting Ecuador will help them to maintain their skills and to keep their traditions alive! While local markets may offer seeming similar products, the quality of the items produced at the workshop is clearly superior to many of the market’s machine-woven products, and every purchase goes directly into the efforts of this community to revive this ancient art.
    • Tigua painting workshop: Julio Toaquiza, 71, has been painting for decades and his work is well known. He is the pioneer of the traditional “naif” style of Ecuador’s Tigua region – vibrant and colorful compositions depicting rural mountain life and ancient traditions of the Kichwa people in the Ecuadorian Andes. We are excited to offer Tropic guests visiting the Andes and the Avenue of the Volcanoes a surprise painting class with Julio’s son, renowned local master artist Alfonso Toaquiza. Alfonso has been painting under the guidance of his father since he was seven years old. Most tour operators simply stop for a quick shopping trip among the many galleries lining the road up to the beautiful Quilotoa crater lake, but as ever, we want our travelers to have the chance to dive deeper – to truly experience and ‘live’ Ecuador.


    • Rainforest Alliance Certified: We are pleased to share the news that Tropic has been Rainforest Alliance certified since 2015. Tour operators that feature the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal meet comprehensive sustainability standards for tourism. Tropic is one of only a few companies that are certified in Ecuador. Consumers continue to demand more eco-friendly tourism products, and Rainforest Alliance intends their certification to give consumers the opportunity to be proactive in choosing products and companies that make a positive difference. Your travelers can feel good knowing that Tropic is committed to sustainable travel, as well as to creating journeys that have positive social and environmental impacts.
    • Pita River Conservation: On developing new hiking routes from our Chilcabamba Lodge near Cotopaxi, we consulted with The Nature Conservancy and Fonag (Fund for Water Protection) and learned that there were several opportunities to help conservation in the area. Our approach was three pronged – using ecotourism to raise awareness of the Pita River water source for the city of Quito and responsible use of water for anyone visiting, getting the local community involved to understand the importance of the river and to partner with them on a project, and finally, protecting the ecosystem, which is a critical resource to not only the people of Quito, but as part of the overall health of the highlands environment. To fund the project, Tropic requested funding and involvement of Corporacion Favorita (one of Ecuador’s largest private companies, and a beneficiary of the water flowing from the Rio Pita). We collaborated to host a volunteer day in December 2017, which was a rousing success! Nearly 150 people from Tropic and Favorita helped to place new signage and to plant 2,000 trees in the area as part of a reforestation project.
    • “Q” Certification: We are excited to once again be recognized for our commitment to quality and sustainability across our operations. Quito’s Ministry of Tourism has awarded Tropic with the coveted ‘Calidad Turistica Q’ designation, indicating our implementation of successful management systems for sustainable tourism, consistent operational quality, and first-class tourism offerings for a global audience. The “Q” badge is a special honor, and we are proud to be among the elite tourism operations to have been recognized. This involved passing a technical verification that included compliance with environmental, social, business and quality parameters.
  • JASCIVAN CARVALHO – General Manager and Owner

    Jascivan (Jasci) was born in Quito to an Ecuadorian mother and Brazilian father. He grew up in Guayaquil and then spent his teenage years in Brazil. He returned to Quito to attend Catholic University to study business and marketing, then moved to Barcelona to earn a Masters in tourism management and destination planning. After returning to Quito in the early 2000’s, Jasci started working as tourism consultant and met Andy Drum, the founder of Tropic. He joined the company as GM in 2004 and then became sole owner in 2011. Jasci also the founded Waponi, the first ecotourism incubator and sustainable tourism consulting firm in Ecuador. Jasci has spent nearly 20 years in tourism, and continues to bring innovation to Ecuador’s travel industry.

    ANDREA FIERRO – Sales Manager

    Andrea was born in Quito, Ecuador. Since childhood, she has loved nature, meeting different people and traveling. That is why she didn’t hesitate when choosing my career and chose to study tourism administration at Catholic University in Quito. During her studies, she fell in love again completely with her country and all its wonders. Andrea began working in tourism in 2006. From the beginning she was attracted by the commercial area because she felt it was the best chance to inspire many people to visit Ecuador and fall in love with it. She has been working with Tropic for seven years, and through her excellent work has reached the position of Sales Manager. She is thrilled with how much she has learned in her work, and especially how Tropic has taught her to do things differently when creating unique sustainable experiences in her country.

    CRISTINA SERRANO – Sales Consultant

    Cristina was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador. She is very proud to live in a biodiverse country – one that’s full of natural resources and ecosystems. Cristina has spent more than a decade working in tourism, holding positions in travel agencies, airlines and tour operators. She loves her work with Tropic and is proud to be part of a team that offers innovative and unforgettable experiences to a variety of travelers across the globe. Cristina’s personal goal is to provide people with unforgettable experiences that they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives during their visit to Ecuador.


    SILVIA FIALLAOS – Operations Manager – Mainland Ecuador

    Silvia was born in Quito. She studied Tourism at INSTUR now UDET (University of Tourism Specialties). With more than 2 decades in tourism, Silvia brings an amazing skill set to Tropic. She began her career working for tourism operators. The first one was dedicated to offer rafting trips. From there, she continued her career with another tour operator where she spent 17 years, gaining invaluable operations experience throughout the whole country, with a special focus on the highlands and Galapagos.


    MONICA PAEZ – Operations Manager – Galapagos

    Monica Paez is well known for her extensive experience in Ecuador’s tourism industry. She brings a wealth of knowledge to Tropic in her role as Operations Manager for Galapagos. Monica was born and raised in Quito. She has studied Hotel & Tourism Administration, as well as English, French and Portuguese. She has worked as a naturalist guide for the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve in the Galapagos and also in Yasuni National Park in the Amazon. Monica is a certified scuba diver and certified crew member by the International Maritime Organization.

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