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Ultimate Safaris

Ultimate Safaris is a Namibian owner-managed Conservation Travel company dedicated to the protection, conservation and sustainability of some of the most pristine and delicate wilderness areas on earth. Our superlative team of specialists works to create artfully crafted itineraries and meticulously organized safaris. These are delivered with professionalism and enthusiasm to our international trade partners who are assured of personal attention and consideration of their every need.



Our Naturalist Guides are the most important ingredient in our life enriching journeys. We hear the same praise from guests about our expert guides time and again: “Ultimate guides are out of this world!” We developed the best full time guiding team in Namibia, striving to match the perfect guide to each safari, thus ensuring out of this world experiences.



Hand crafted to our specifications, the quality of our vehicles is something we take very seriously and are known for. Terrain-appropriate vehicles that are safe, comfortable and reliable are of paramount importance and, along with our rigid policy for regular renewal of safari vehicles, guests are assured of traveling in the very best vehicles on offer in Namibia.

In Namibia with Ultimate Safaris

Unique Namibia

Unique Namibia

Unique among safari destinations, Namibia offers an experience like no other. Surreal, ever-changing landscapes, ephemeral rivers, desert-adapted wildlife and some of the darkest skies on earth combine to offer unforgettable experiences. Our Journeysmiths craft unique and incredible safaris for travelers, while our Naturalist Guides unveil Namibia’s best for every visitor.

Why Ultimate Safaris

We are a DMC committed to providing world-class experiences for sophisticated and discerning travelers, offering great attention to detail in order to maintain the highest standards when planning and organizing safaris while still delivering excellent value for money. Our aim is to provide safaris that are educational, explorative, fun, insightful, and ultimately life enriching, with benefit for the places and people that we visit as well as for the guests we take there. Read More

Our Camps

Our camps are designed to offer a true “back to nature” experience with the emphasis being on the experiential aspect of safaris. We have recognised a strong desire in many travellers to go back to the original safari concept which allowed guests to touch, smell, feel and experience the wild, with their feet firmly in the dust. This ultimate connection with the earth, culture and wildlife in a very up-close and personal way gives an experience that is exclusive in the real sense of the word, as well as being very much away from the pressures of ‘normal’ life!

Onduli Ridge

Onduli Ridge, named after the resident giraffe of the area, is built at the base of two south facing granite outcrops which are connected by a ridge. Located i nthe heart of Damaraland, this 6-suite camp exudes character and meticulous attention to detail; large rooms and libraries, rain showers, infinity pool, air-conditioned beds, magnificent views, exceptional activities and delicious food.

Learn more about Onduli Ridge here
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Camp Sossus

Camp Sossus is built in a naturally formed granite amphitheatre within striking distance of Sossusvlei. The 8-tent camp is solar-powered and built with natural stone walls, shaded by roofs built from recycled oil drums and features comfy interiors and a cool pool for a dip!

Learn more about Camp Sossus here
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Camp Doros

Camp Doros is deliberately small and intimate, and it is located in a core area for desert adapted black rhino with activities largely focused on finding the black rhino with an experienced and qualified Rhino Ranger team. Camp Doros is perched on a high bank overlooking a (generally) dry riverbed and groves of Mopane trees in the heart of Damaraland. Protected from the prevailing winds, the camp carries arguably the lowest environmental footprint of any camp in Namibia with only six guest tents.

Learn more about Camp Doros here
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The Nest @ Sossus

The three suite Nest @ Sossus was designed using the unique structure of a sociable weaver nest as inspiration and it took eight years, including a three-year build, to bring this project to fruition, resulting in one of Namibia’s most extraordinary private villas in terms of both design and décor. Learn more about The Nest @ Sossus.

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Galton House

Located in Windhoek just ten minutes from the center of town, guests are assured a relaxing stay with friendly and caring service. Communal areas consist of a large lounge, indoor/outdoor dining and a pool. Rooms are very comfortable and early/late departures are accommodated. Learn more about Galton House here.

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Meet Tristan and the Ultimate Safaris team

Tristan Cowley – Director and co-founder

Tristan founded Tou Safaris in 2003, specializing in naturalist guided safaris in Namibia. In 2008 Tou Safaris merged with another like-minded safari company to form Ultimate Safaris, which has grown to be one of Namibia’s most renowned naturalist and specialist guiding safari companies. Ultimate Safaris has grown to a team of 70 staff, and Tristan spends most of his time running operations and marketing, which also involves extensive travel. He still finds time to exercise his extensive guiding experience with the occasional specialist or specific repeat groups. Tristan served as the chairman of TASA (Tour and Safari Association of Namibia), vice chairman of NATH (Namibian Academy for Tourism and Hospitality), on the executive council of FENATA (Federation of Namibian Tourism Associations) and the advisory council to the school of natural resource management at the University of Technology in Namibia.

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Community and Conservation

Ultimate Safaris is privileged to be operating in some of the most pristine and delicate wilderness areas on earth. We are dedicated to the protection and conservation of these areas and to the improvement of the quality of life of the communities who are living in, or on the borders of, these unique areas. We believe that the future survival of the environment and the natural inhabitants of these regions lies in the hands of these communities, and that this makes them pivotal in the custodianship of their surroundings. Read More

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