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The Kusini Collection is a hand-picked portfolio of sustainable, owner/founder-operated camps, lodges and tour operators in Africa, Asia and the Americas. 


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Rare and awe-inspiring experiences that invigorate, excite and awaken travelers to the unimaginable–from locking eyes with a 400 lb mountain gorilla and gathering honey with one of Africa’s last remaining traditional tribes, to swimming with playful Sea of Cortez’s sea lions and intimately witnessing the worship of ancient Mayan Gods…

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Kusini big cat roundup

In celebration of this year's World Lion Day, we are diving into all things feline in the Kusini Collection! From pumas, ocelots, lynx and other cat species of the Americas to the big (and small!) cats of Africa and Asia, we never tire of searching for and observing these incredible animals in the wild! Today, we give you the latest ...MORE

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