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Todos Santos Eco Adventures (TOSEA) was founded by Bryan and Sergio Jauregui and is the leading eco-adventure company in Baja California Sur. The Baja peninsula is an amazing collection of diverse ecosystems and TOSEA crafts adventures that allow visitors to explore – and help conserve – the oceans, deserts, mountains, islands, estuaries, dunes, coastlines and mangroves that support one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. They are also the proud owners of Camp Cecil de la IslaCamp Cecil de la Sierra, and Los Colibris Casitas. They are proud of their exceptional guiding team, all of whom are Wilderness First Aid certified. This accreditation just makes Baja’s best guiding team even better!

Today we meet Bernardo Cruz Monfort, one member of TOSEA’s guiding team.

Equipped with a degree in Biology from Mexico’s most prestigious university, UNAM, Bernardo first came to Baja California in 1999 to conduct a survey of geese in Magdalena Bay for a Mexican NGO. He immediately fell in love with the area, and continued his career as a biologist first with Pronatura Noroestre, then with CONABIO, the National Commission for Biodiversity in Mexico. A lot of his work centered on using bird monitoring and the resulting data as a way of assessing the health of ecosystems and related conservation programs throughout the southern part of Mexico. While he loved that work, he wanted to be more immersed in nature more of the time so he switched to guiding in Baja California Sur, where he quickly became one of the most respected guides in the state. Bernardo spends most of his free time mountain biking or running. 

What is your favourite place to visit in your country and why?

I was born in a big city and I work as a guide in the rural areas of Baja California Sur. I do love crowded colonial areas in the city but I can say I enjoy open landscapes more. The open skies, vast ocean and wilderness that dissolves into the distance soothe my soul.

What is your favourite part of your job?

People. I love establishing meaningful connections with the communities we visit, my coworkers and the guests. Guests may spend only a few days with us, but the conversations and lessons shared during that time last forever as memories.

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