Lemala Camps’ first female guide

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Albatros East Africa’s Operations Manager Jenny and her son Archie had a safari getaway a few months back and were lucky to be paired up with Lemala Camps’ first female guide, Mary. They enjoyed their safari with her immensly and came away excited to share her story.

The Lemala team met Mary through their ‘Sunday Group’ Project, which employs and empowers women in the Mto Wa Mbu community, training them to host local cultural tours. Her ‘can do’ approach caught their eye and prompted Lemala to invite her to their Lemala Family Annual Young Leader’s Day. She impressed everyone so much that she was immediately drafted to join Lemala’s 2-year guiding internship program where she absolutely killed it!

Mary learned about mechanics, driving, birding, wildlife and guest interaction – matching everything Lemala’s male guides do and more. Paving the way for women all around the world and breaking all the walls down, she is out to prove her point and there’s no stopping her!

I am doing this to prove to every girl out there that we can do whatever men can.” – Mary Jovin, Lemala’s first female guide.

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