Kitich Camp – Matthews Range, Kenya: Gideon’s Review

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Gideon, from the Albatros Kenya office, was delighted to visit this unique and off-the-beaten-track camp in Kenya’s Mathews Range., one of the country’s least-travelled and most pristine regions. What he discovered was an extraordinary and immersive experience in an authentic wilderness location. The service at the camp is exceptional, and set to get even better under the new management of East Africa aficionados Stefano and Liz. Guests can expect pristine landscapes, bush walks and cultural insights at Kitich – plus exciting new changes ahead at this wonderfully remote camp.

Kitich is truly a wilderness camp, presenting six tents that feature bucket shower and long-drop toilets (although these are due to be upgraded). Water for basin use is offered in jugs and electricity is generated by solar only. The idea behind Kitich is to provide an authentically wild African experience, with exploration generally on foot with an armed ranger.

What We Thought
It is a simple but well organised camp. Everything from meals and guided walks to arranging bucket showers is carried out perfectly with a well-coordinated all-male team of staff. It is a unique location which offers incredible scenery. The camp’s additional activities include swimming in natural rock pools and enjoying bush meals. In the dry season you can also visit the singing wells, where Samburu warriors engage in an ancient ritual of serenading their cattle to entice them to drink.

To Consider
There is wildlife to see, especially elephants, but it is not the best choice if a rich game viewing experience is your priority. This is more about getting close to nature, seeing some pristine forest landscapes and enjoying an immersive cultural experience.

Kitich is completely isolated and exclusive. This off-the-beaten-track location allows an incredible bush walking experience, with some big game to spot, mainly plains game and elephant. It’s an intimate camp experience with incredible staff. It’s the perfect addition to an itinerary for three nights for clients with an extended time on safari who are looking for something unique, active and cultural.

Price (Rack)
From USD480 per person sharing, including conservancy fees.

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