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Bryan Jáuregui is the female co-founder and co-owner of Todos Santos Eco Adventures in Baja California Sur. “In some parts of the world women are as well represented as men in the adventure guide community, but this has not traditionally been the case in Mexico. When we first started working with women’s groups who wanted female guides, we had to invite them in from the US and Canada. Then one day my husband Sergio and I went scuba diving in the Sea of Cortez, and our female dive master asked if we would train her as a guide. We jumped at the opportunity, and now that dive master – Alejandra Ibarrola – is one of the best guides at TOSEA, working with all clients, not only women’s groups.

We have since brought three younger female guides into the company, and we have all worked hard together on building skills, knowledge and leadership. Like all TOSEA guides, our female guides are all certified Wilderness First Responders, NOM-9 graduates, Leave No Trace Certified, and certified in aquatic rescue. When people meet a female TOSEA guide, they will now understand what a truly powerful thing it is TO GUIDE LIKE A GIRL! Please meet the Todos Santos Eco Adventures Girl Guide Team.”

Alejandra Ibarrola

Alejandra was born in Mexico City and earned a degree in tourism in that landlocked town, but as soon as she went to Playa del Carmen on the Mexican Caribbean, she knew the ocean was for her. She took two years to become a licensed dive master and then she was gone, traveling the world as a dive instructor and plying her trade in places as far flung as Greece, Egypt, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and New Zealand.  When she got homesick for Mexico she tried to return to Mexico City, but the call of the ocean was too loud so in 2014 she moved to La Paz, the capital of Baja California Sur on the Sea of Cortez, to expand her guiding career. When not guiding Alejandra loves to read, listen to music, and take great photos.

“Our Guide, Alejandra Ibarrola, was one of the best. We hit the lottery having her the entire week. She was super knowledgeable about the geography, biology and history of Baja. She even gave us a lesson on constellations and everything we saw in the spectacular sky at Camp Cecil. We had so much fun with her…she made it so special – we will never forget her.”

– Claire B.


Andrea Hinojos

Andrea is a star player with the Minervas, a roller derby powerhouse, where she goes by the moniker “Baby Face.” Andrea grew up riding horses in Queretero, just south of Mexico City, and some of her earliest jobs were in the stables of the area. She moved to La Paz in 2016 to earn a degree in alternative tourism at the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur (UABCS), and there she honed her kayaking, rock climbing, hiking and aquatic rescue skills. While Andrea loves all aspects of her job on land and sea, she particularly enjoys taking people on mule rides with rancheros in the Sierras. When not guiding Andrea can usually be found engaged in roller derby competitions and/or listening to music.

“Andrea is a rock star guide- super knowledgeable, patient, kind and thoughtful. We knew Andrea had won our daughter over when she announced she wanted share a kayak with Andrea instead of Dad! She’s now her hero! Thank you Andrea for being so amazing!”

– Tad & Michelle Bradley


Paulina Dorado

Paulina grew up sportfishing with her father in her home state of Coahuila, which is perhaps what drove her to pursue a degree in marine biology at the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur in La Paz (UABCS), the best marine biology program in Mexico. She is passionate about the ocean, and is happiest when she is swimming and snorkeling in the Sea of Cortez. When not guiding Paulina loves to play soccer as well as hike and snorkel with friends.

“Just wanted to let you know what a great time we had and how much we loved Paulina! She took great care of us and really made us feel welcome and comfortable. She was so knowledgeable about the marine life and birds. We thought she was really fun and enthusiastic about everything. Just want you to know what a gem you have!”

– Regina H.


Maria García

Born and raised in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Maria is a true sudcaliforniana. Maria is part of the Ornithology Laboratory at UABCS, where she works closely with two of the most prominent ornithologists in Baja. She specializes in identifying and quantifying birds and bats, and maintains databases for the lab. She earned her degree in marine biology at UABCS, and has participated in several conservation projects in the area. Maria has rapidly evolved into the birder-in-chief for TOSEA.

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