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Strong rumor has it that Namibia is always booked up a year in advance, but the happy secret is that outside of August and September, you’re likely to find the space you want for your clients at the properties that fit them best – especially if they can be a little bit flexible. Namibia is much less seasonal than other African destinations, and every month has something wonderful to offer. There is no ‘best time’ to visit.

For families, mid-July to mid-September is peak season and asking to find space for a family of 7 in this time will be challenging unless you plan well in advance. The key tourism destinations like Etosha and Sossusvlei are the biggest bottleneck, especially in August, which is popular with families, self-drivers, bus tours and everybody else.

BUT, if your travelers are flexible with their arrival and departure dates, sometimes moving a trip up or down by a few days can create magic for preparing the ideal trip. Budget and mid-range accommodation is always the first to sell out, but for your top-end luxury traveler, Ultimate Safaris can still make a plan. So if your clients are on a budget, it’s best to plan 12-24 months out. And if they can be flexible, choose low season for best deals as well, which are up to 60% cheaper without compromising on the experience at all.

Planning is key, as the choice of preferred lodges which Ultimate Safaris works with is carefully curated, and most are also smaller in size. Options quickly dwindle if planning is left too late. Ultimate pride themselves on providing visitors with an unforgettable trip and will not compromise on their brand and reputation to select lodges that do not meet their standards.

April – June is a wonderful time to visit and easier to book. Mid-October – mid-December, the start of Namibia’s summer, is also available. February and March are underrated and actually very special months. Contact Birgit for ideas and availability for your clients.

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