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Costa Rica Sun Tours has been a leader in eco-tourism (or, feel free to insert any popular ‘eco’ term of your choosing) since inception over thirty years ago – and they practice what they preach! Today, we’re so proud to share that Costa Rica Sun Tours have added being carbon neutral to their admirable list of initiatives below after many years’ participation in a program to attain carbon neutrality.

On February 18th, 2019 CRST acquired 129 compensation units for greenhouse gas emission in order to mitigate all operations and logistics of their business for 2017 and 2018. This is managed by FONAFIFO, a national payment program for carbon storage, hydrological services, and the protection of biodiversity and landscapes. The funds paid by CRST were applied as PSAs, or payment for environmental services. Local farmers receive the money through FONAFIFO to protect standing forests and recovering lost forest.

We’re extremely proud of Costa Rica Sun Tours who add the following worthy achievements to their effort to tread lightly and have a positive impact on our beautiful world. They collaborate with local communities and conservation organizations within their destination with the belief that empowerment of people and place and being a voice for wildlife and natural areas will result in healthy ecosystems and communities. Here’s just a taste of what they are up to…


Costa Rica Sun Tours has achieved a 5 Leaf rating – the highest possible – through the Costa Rican government’s CST Sustainability program. As a leading operator of nature and outdoor adventure tours, Costa Rica Sun Tours know it is their responsibility to establish procedures in the office, their homes and on tour with guests that help protect our natural environments, promote sustainable practices, and set an example that others should emulate.

Certification for Sustainable Tourism – Third party certification is a vital tool for ensuring the credibility of the claims with regard to sustainable practices. Costa Rica Sun Tours is very proud to have obtained five-leaf certification from the Costa Rica Tourism Board´s (ICT) Certification for Sustainable Tourism Program. This program was designed to differentiate businesses of the tourism industry, based on the level at which they comply with a sustainable model of natural, cultural, and social resource management and awards one to five leaves. They have reached the maximum level of certification! Costa Rica Sun Tours confirm their commitment and best effort towards operating and teaching guests about sustainable travel practices.

Canaeco – The National Ecotourism Association. The Association is at the forefront of sustainable tourism. Through seminars, conferences and direct action they advance sustainable practices, protect Costa Rica’s natural and cultural heritage, and promote sustainable development.

Organization for Tropical Studies – John Aspinall, owner and founder of Costa Rica Sun Tours, served on the board of The Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS). The OTS is a non-profit founded in 1963 that has grown to include 63 universities and research institutions from the United States, Latin America, and Australia. OTS conducts graduate and undergraduate education, research, tropical forest conservation, maintains three biological stations in Costa Rica and environmental education programs. Research at the OTS stations has added significantly to what is known about tropical biology and forest ecosystems


Home Lunches – Costa Rica Sun Tours have introduced authentic cultural experiences and educational opportunities where our guests can experience the natural warmth of the Ticos. We work with several local women that warmly welcome travelers into their rural homes for homemade traditional dishes. They even have a home-stay program that is excellent for students. Travelers can also have lunch on a small organic farm dedicated to preserving the traditional Costa Rican lifestyle, participate in reforestation, play futbol/soccer with local children, make homemade tortillas, or learn to dance salsa!

Pani – Costa Rica Sun Tours subscribes to the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Minors from Commercial Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism.

To learn more about these efforts and so much more about what the inspired and dedicated team at Costa Rica Sun Tours are up to, contact us!

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