Working Hard or Hardly Working?

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As part of The Kwanini Foundation’s USAID Tanzania PROTECT Project training, they recently had the pleasure of taking the Service Fundis from The Manta Resort out to the Kwanini Marine Protected Area (KMPA). While staying at the Manta Resort, the Fundis take care of you like family – all local to the island, they are often the highlight of guests’ stays!

This visit, as part of a joint training effort between the Kwanini Foundation and The Manta Resort, was to teach the Fundis important details about the KMPA so that they can assist in educating guests on the important conservation efforts and share their experiences of taking part in the Resort’s Snorkeling for Conservation Program.

A great time was had by all with the fundis learning about coral reefs including that they are a living animal, general snorkeling etiquette as well as spotting and identifying many different species of the common reef fish (and the illusive octopus).

The whole team are already looking forward to their next snorkeling training session!

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