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Bronwyn collecting me at the airport was such a nice way to kick off the trip. She instantly put me at ease after a long journey and COVID nervousness. Her enthusiasm about my visit was contagious and helped me slough off some of my exhaustion from the journey. We instantly hit it off – I felt like I had known her for years – and the next 24 hours of exploration was an absolute pleasure.

Bronwyn’s openness and enthusiasm about Zimbabwe tourism is really special. She loves Victoria Falls and knows exactly how much it offers to travelers as a unique and fantastic destination. That passion makes New Frontiers’ travelers the luckiest in the Falls.

Discussing various lodges over lunch, she pointed out that while it’s great to work with a budget for planning purposes, knowing just a little bit about guests and their interests can help her make their experience in the Falls even more unforgettable. She shared a quick behind-the-scenes tour with me for a glimpse into life in this tight-knit community making the Falls feel more tangible than just a tourist destination. I would definitely recommend this activity for interested visitors.

Learn a bit more about Bronwyn:

Bronwyn Bezuidenhout is the New Frontiers face in Victoria Falls – and Livingstone, Chobe and Hwange as required.

Her role is to support YOU and your clients in a number of different ways:

  • As a touchpoint during travels in Southern Africa, so she will call clients when in Victoria Falls to see how their overall trip is going and share feed back
  • Be available to meet VIP clients, or clients with particular concerns at their hotel while in the Falls as your representative
  • Ensure consistency in your branding at transfers and Meet and Greets in the Falls (all Meet and Greets will now be issued with tablets with your logo to bring Zimbabwe in line with Meet and Greet procedures in South Africa)
  • As Bronwyn is a fully accredited tour guide, she will also be accompanying our guests on their Insider Victoria Falls Tour (which can be found on the Agent Zone: Victoria Falls & Livingstone > Day Tours > Exceptional Victoria Falls Touring)
  • Keeping you updated about developments and experiences in Victoria Falls, from new dining options, cultural and community developments, conservation efforts and a perspective on new product opening in and around the Greater Victoria Falls area.
  • Assist in training, assessing and sourcing guides for our broader touring in the area

Your consultant will facilitate any of your requirements for Bronwyn during the booking process, but like Jene in our Cape Town office she can also be reached directly if you want a direct channel for any reason.

Meet Bronwyn

Bronwyn was born in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1982 where she lived until moving to Victoria Falls in 2010. She has worked in the tourism industry since then in every aspect, including accounts, reservations, operations, guiding and everything in between. She holds an Executive Certificate in Tour Guiding and Guest Relationship Management from the University of Zimbabwe and is a registered Tour Guide with the Tourism Authority of Zimbabwe. Bronwyn’s passions are her birth country Zimbabwe, wildlife and people and it brings her the utmost joy to be able to combine them all together.

Bronwyn lives in Victoria Falls with her two children – Kylee aged 13 and Dirk aged 7, and her favourite weekend pastimes include spending time with her kids in the nearby Zambezi National next to the mighty Zambezi River swimming, playing in the sand and enjoying any wildlife encountered whilst there.

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Gretchen Healey
Gretchen is the Marketing Director for the Kusini Collection.

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