Reconnecting on Ecuador’s Pacific Coast

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Tropic Ecuador GM Jasci just finished his first true lengthy break of the last 9 months with his family and shared with us what a joy it was to get away from it all and reconnect with nature and his loved ones on Ecuador’s beautiful Pacific Coast.

“What a gift it was to take the time to fully disconnect from the frenetic pace of work – calls, presentations, conferences and Zoom after Zoom after Zoom.

We spent our time in Ecuador’s Pacific Coast, enjoying the nature, sun, ocean and each other. We absorbed all of the beauty and wonder that the coast has to offer. We surfed, mountain biked and enjoyed the lull of the ocean’s waves. What a difference slowing down to recognize our deep connection with nature makes. 

Your guests can do as we did and stay in a remote private villa where we were able to partake of private services including having fresh food brought to us. Another option will be to explore the coast’s wonders by boat with our partners at Kontiki Expeditions. Their sustainable, intimate, thoughtfully curated cruises let guests discover the coast’s myriad ecosystems including cloud forests, wetlands, beaches, mangrove forests and more, while enjoying a new level of conscious travel. We believe this type of travel will be more popular than ever as the world moves forward.

I strongly recommend a getaway for everyone. The need to focus on and reset one’s wellbeing cannot be overstated, and travel and nature have the power to heal. And of course, I highly recommend Ecuador as your destination!”

Contact Jasci for itinerary ideas or with questions about his recent trip.

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