Promise for Pemba

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Pemba, home of the Manta Resort, has been separated by a short hop from the mainland and Zanzibar for decades, leaving an untouched and pristine island of great beauty and fertility. The mosaic of forests, swamps, mangroves, hidden beaches and lagoons are scattered with the ruins of mosques and tombs mostly reclaimed by the forest. Pemba is also still the world’s major clove producer, around 70% of all cloves deriving from there, but now plays its more traditional role of being an Island Paradise with small inter-island trade.

In today’s world, even paradise needs a little TLC from time to time. In Pemba’s case, the Kwanini Foundation was created to help preserve and sustain the land, people, and ocean life of the island. There are so many ways in which your company or travelers can be involved, and we invite you to begin exploring how! Start with a visit to the Kwanini Foundation website and then reach out to Sonya ( and Matt (

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