Olive Ridleys at Corozalito Beach, Guanacaste

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One thing that’s certain about any Kusini Collection partner is their passion for what they do and their infectious eagerness to share experiences. Leo Chaves, Operations Director at Costa Rica Sun Tours, and two colleagues found themselves in the right place at the right time last week. They were exploring the little-known-to-tourists and at the time completely deserted Corozalito Beach, (south of Samara in Guanacaste Province) when they happened upon an Olive Ridley turtle nesting. Leo’s description of this raw and unfiltered event was one worth sharing:

“What I felt, watching this female turtle, was very unique…no people, it was raining, just the three of us at 9:00 am, on an empty beach. Plus, a family of scarlet macaws flew overhead, 40 coatis were foraging on turtle nests just 60 meters away, and a wood stork in the distance searched for fresh turtle eggs. While we waited for our turtle to finish laying her eggs and covering them with sand, another Ridley cam in from the surf to look for dry sand to again start this ancient behavior. I could not say a word….Costa Rica is Wild! And, to think we were just a 30-minute drive from Samara Beach! For a moment, you get to connect to nature…no need for anything else.”

If you’d like to include an experience like this, reach out to Costa Rica Sun Tours to ensure a tour with one of their excellent guides! We’d advise planning a visit from August through December for best chances of turtle nesting. Nammbu and Punta Islita would be great options for lodging.

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