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New Frontiers are excited to announce the launch of their new-look digital itineraries! You must be registered with Oasis to receive your new multimedia quotes which include access to digital itineraries, TripClip videos, and final documentation in digital format including restaurant guides and entrance or flight tickets. Another enormous benefit of Oasis is that you can share itineraries with your clients via the Oasis app, which can be viewed on their smart device while traveling, including while offline.

Whether you choose to use the full proposal at quote stage or only the final travel documentation, it is still vital to register as this new system completely replaces New Frontiers’ old e-docs. If you’re a NF partner and you haven’t yet registered, please contact your consultant or Faith for instructions on how to sign up. The registration process is super easy – your NF consultant will send a URL, unique company login pin and a training doc to assist. If you have any problems please reach out to your consultant and they will help you through the process.

There are a huge array of perks with the new digital itineraries. From the ability for travelers to have instant access to their final itinerary and trip documentation to being able to notify guests of changes through the app while online, Oasis takes us into the future.

The powerful visuals of TripClip are a fantastic addition. Using video in the sales process can increase your conversion rate by up to 80%. TripClip gives you powerful pre-travel visual brand exposure to help close your sales. Check out this stunning digital itinerary and TripClip video summary of a proposed trip (this would be custom branded for you), highlighting the properties that clients will stay in en route.

What you need to know:

  • All New Frontier partner agents are now receiving TripClip videos with every quote request. These are included at the quote stage and the video links are live for 7 days.
  • These videos are currently custom-branded with your logo. You also have the ability to customize further (with branded/customized intro and outro videos as well as unique video content). This is an enhanced feature at an additional charge that is arranged directly with TripClip.
  • The new Oasis digital itineraries replace New Frontiers’ old Word itineraries.
  • Once in the system, you have the option to customize your profile by adding company logo, tag-lines and description.
  • Itineraries have 2 views – a full proposal with images, descriptions and TripClip video, as well as a summary version for travel documentation.
  • The final summary itinerary includes confirmation numbers and contact details. There is an option to include other documents like entrance and flight tickets, as well as more generic information like restaurant suggestions. Sharing this information with your clients via the Oasis travel app means clients can access all this information while on the ground. Notifications can also be received including flight schedule changes when guests are online!

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