Looking forward: Imvelo’s Community Rhino Conservation Initiative

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World Rhino Day 2022 takes place Thursday, September 22 and at the heart of our celebrationi this year are Imvelo’s rhino! They have been back in Hwange for 3 months now and are doing so well, but this is just the beginning!

The long-term vision for Imvelo’s Community Rhino Conservation Initiative (CRCI) program falls into three phases. The first phase involved the development of a 200 hectare sanctuary as a secure home for the first two white rhino, where they are now adapting to their new environment. Phase two will be the development of several other similar sanctuaries of 200 – 500 hectares each. The third phase will see all these smaller sanctuaries combined into one large protected area or conservancy, creating a buffer zone between Hwange National Park and the communities living on its borders. This will minimize human-wildlife conflict and maximise the potential for socio-economic development based on tourism. This is a momentous achievement for Hwange and for Imvelo’s future guests to have a meaningful impact on the communities who have taken the leap to be part of this groundbreaking conservation initiative.

Contact Hwange Community Rhino for more information and watch the heartfelt and fascinating video below from the team at the CRCI sanctuary as they talk through the future plans for CRCI, what it has meant to the communities thus far and what guests experience when they tour the sanctuary, walk with Imvelo’s rhinos in close quarters and meet the heroes looking after Thuza and Kusasa – the Cobras anti-poaching unit. 

Produced by Moving Pictures Africa
Filmed and edited by Robert Hofmeyr
Assisted by Andrew Caldwell
Additional footage by Logan Carter

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Gretchen Healey
Gretchen is the Marketing Director for the Kusini Collection.

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