Forest Bathing and Night Walks in Arenal

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“They want guests to have a sensory experience…sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste in a progressive way. It’s like an experience in the forest with the five senses in the middle of the tropics!” Daisy Matarrita, one of Costa Rica Sun Tours’ Sales Executives, describes the new experiences at Mistico Park in the Arenal-Fortuna area.

The team at Costa Rica Sun Tours is excited about the unique approaches that the park is taking – bringing the guest experience to another level. They are already known for the hanging bridges but now there is reason to spend the whole day (and night) exploring the park. With a goal of getting visitors to reconnect with the natural environment to gain fresh perspectives and inspiration.

With the launch of a Forest Bathing Tour and Night Walks, we think they’re hitting the mark! Tours are led by local guides who are well-versed in the wildlife and habitats guaranteeing an immersive and safe jungle experience! Though the forest bathing tour will not be available until the second quarter of 2020, we’ve always been proponents of taking time on walks through the forest, quieting the murmur in your mind with the silence around you, and relax.

Leo Chaves, Director of Operations at CRST, adds that “rainforest walks at night reveal other creatures not easily seen during the day such as kinkajous, opossums, wild cats, olingos and more. You might also catch glimpses of sleeping birds, frogs, night insects, and other hard to see creatures”.

With the exception of visitors staying at Arenal Observatory Lodge, there is very little opportunity to explore the richness of the forest at night. And, if guided forest bathing experience is what you seek, we’re assured those leading at Mistico will be amply qualified. If you have guests looking for this type of experience, be sure to let us know!

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