Costa Rica: Deep Dive Webinar Series

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If you are looking to break out of falling back on your go-to itineraries in Costa Rica, we’re here to help and inspire. We took advantage of a little extra time this year to present a series of webinars highlighting the various regions of Costa Rica and invite you to grab a fresh cup of coffee or a cold drink and dive into any you might have missed. Here they are all corralled in one place. We have specifically put focus on the many lovely accommodations, incredible food, and variety of experiences. In addition, we have highlighted various transportation and guiding options. Of course, nothing can replace actually speaking about these areas so please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Costa Rica Sun Tours to delve a little deeper!

#1: Arenal & Monteverde

A short but sweet exploration of two of Costa Rica’s most popular destinations: Arenal & Monteverde. We share the what, how and why of traveling there, highlighting preferred hotels, activities, and how to sell them.

#2: The Southern Pacific Coast

Dive into the Southern Pacific Coast in the southwest corner of Costa Rica. Stretching from Dominical to the Osa Peninsula and Pavones, it is one of the world’s most biologically rich regions. The foremost destination for naturalists wishing to visit a premier rainforest in the area is the 100,000 acre Corcovado National Park. Off the coast this region also hosts seasonal migrations of whales and dolphins. Hiking, bird watching, diving, deep sea fishing, whale watching, and surfing are just a few of the many ways visitors can enjoy the outstanding marvels of nature this destination offers.

#3: The Northern Pacific Coast

We explore from Guanacaste down to the tip of Nicoya Peninsula. The northern coast can sometimes be known for the larger big-name hotels but we’re excited to introduce you to some of our favorite smaller gems – including those that can be used exclusively. This area boasts beautiful beaches, well-known surfing hotspots, laid back little towns, hiking, yoga, snorkeling, stand-up paddling, zip lining, fishing, horseback riding, and so much more!

#4: The Caribbean Coast

Dive into the highlights, activities, and our preferred accommodation along the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. We specifically explore the areas of Tortuguero National Park and Cahuita-Puerto Viejo. We share the Caribbean vibes this region is so well-known for and how to best include it in an itinerary. One thing is for sure, you won’t be able to get enough of the people, the food, and the sloths!

#5: Central Highlands and the Coffee Belt

We explore some pretty magical places all located within two hours of San Jose. Depending on arrival flight times, this area can provide the perfect opportunity to delve into your Costa Rica adventure without needing a night in the city! The area is known for its excellent walking, birding, vistas, comfortable weather and of course, coffee! With a variety of accommodations and activities and a bonus of great cultural opportunities the Central Highlands is an area you should be aware of.

Costa Rica: A Guide and Photographer’s Perspective

This one is an oldy but goody and worth watching again. Join Costa Rica Sun Tours’ guide, Alex Arias, for a photographic webinar presentation of Costa Rica, highlighting the many unique features of both the country and the company. This webinar provides a great overview of what the country has to offer!

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