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We think Todos Santos Eco Adventures’ new slogan should be, “When the going gets tough, TOSEA works harder!” Once you read through this incredible update of what they’ve been up to and accomplished over the last five plus months, we think you’ll agree! Owners Bryan and Sergio Jauregui didn’t create Todos Santos Eco Adventures and ensuing properties (Los Colibris Casitas, Camp Cecil de la Sierra and Camp Cecil de la Isla) with only their personal gain in mind….far from it! Together with their creative, hard-working, and dedicated team, they have built their business with regard for their surrounding communities at the forefront. And what a comprehensive job they’ve done! The following update from them is just a taste and if you haven’t met them yet, we invite (and encourage) you to reach out to learn a little more!

“Greetings from Todos Santos! We hope this email finds you and yours healthy and sane, and still able to enjoy some of your favorite past times of summer. As we head into the fall, we wanted to bring you up to speed on some of the ways we spent our (entirely unplanned) free time in the summer of 2020. Naturally some of our projects were in direct response to the pandemic (fundraising for local families, certifications and protocols for Covid-19) while others were projects we’d had on our radar and finally had the time to work on, including offsetting carbon emissions, helping to move our communities towards zero waste, and creating videos for our two luxury tent camps. Please check out some of our progress below (please keep on scrolling – there’s a few pieces of news!).

We wish you all the best during these crazy, unprecedented days. If you need a break and just want to get away for awhile, we would love to see you here in Baja!
Warm regards,
Sergio and Bryan
Like you, TOSEA spent quite a bit of time this summer working on our certifications and protocols related to travel in the times of Covid-19. We are proud to say that TOSEA has Punto Limpio (Clean Point) certification from the federal government in Mexico, and we are accredited with COEPRIS, the State Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risk. Our Operations and Office Protocols meet the Safe Travels official stamp requirements laid out by the WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council), and we have certification for Occupational Safety & Hygiene for Tourism Industry Workers, updated for COVID19. Staff members have completed COVID-19 courses with the WHO and Mexico’s Health Secretariat. As always, all TOSEA guides are certified Wilderness First Responders, NOM-9 graduates, have aquatic water safety certification, American Canoe Association certification, and are Leave No Trace certified. You can check our more of our Covid-19 protocol information here.
Thanks to the incredible generosity of our travel industry colleagues, clients and neighbors, our summer raffle for full buy-outs of our two luxury tent camps raised USD 27,000 for food for local families who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. We’re also extremely pleased to announce that, as of this writing, our famous neighbor, porcine artist and piganthropist – Colette – has raised over USD 15,000 for local ranching families hit hard by the pandemic, partly by raffling off a two-night stay at Camp Cecil de la Sierra.
This summer we joined the ATTA’s Neutral Together carbon offset bulk purchase program with South Pole and chose to fund reforestation projects with our offset credits. At this point we are only offsetting 75% of our emissions (based on 2019 when we were in full swing), but we’ll bring that up to full strength once tourism has rebounded. We are looking forward to that day!
We are proud members of the ATCF and our 2018 nominated project, Desplastifícate Todos Santos y Pescadero, won a USD 20,000 grant to help eliminate single-use plastics in our communities. We had made tremendous strides through March 2020, when of course all businesses, schools and other community institutions that were the focus of our campaign were closed, some indefinitely. A key objective of the Desplastificate campaign has always been to reduce the amount of trash generated by our communities and to keep what trash is generated out of the dump as much as possible. We therefore used this summer to start neighborhood programs including: 1) Chipper/Shredder Program in which local entrepreneurs go door-to-door to shred landscape and garden waste, which currently accounts for about 25% of the waste in our landfill; and 2) Recyclables Collection Program in which (different) local entrepreneurs go door-to-door to collect recyclable material and take it to our local recycling center. We are currently creating protocols around these initial efforts so that they can be rolled out across all neighborhoods. We are very proud to say that we have also achieved Desplastificate’s 5 turtle rating which means that we have eliminated all single-use plastics from our operations and that we compost and recycle.


Just before all travel was shut down in response to the pandemic, filmmaker Logan Carter visited both of our luxury tent camps and shot some great footage of both the camps and the spectacular landscapes that surround them. Then, because he couldn’t travel to his previously-booked gigs at points across the globe and because we had a lot of unexpected time on our hands, he was able to complete the videos much sooner than expected. Check them out here: Camp Cecil de la Isla and Camp Cecil de la Sierra!
Reach out for more information or to set up a call or webinar specific to your company!

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