A Cast of Characters at Camp Cecil de la Sierra

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With the opening of the luxury tented camp in the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains in Baja California Sur, owners and operators Bryan and Sergio Jauregui couldn’t help but share the stories of the innovative and passionate people behind the project. Todos Santos Eco Adventures welcome guests to Camp Cecil de la Sierra – their newest camp, situated in a lovely orchard on the ranch of the Orozco Castro Family. But, they couldn’t have done it without the many helping hands who pitched in. Read on for their stories….

Ivan: When we started our first luxury tent camp on Isla Espiritu Santo in 2016, Chef Ivan was really the driving force in delivering our vision of not only how the camp should look, but the “vibe” it should have, the quality of food it should serve and the level of service it should aspire to. The awards and accolades the camp subsequently collected demonstrate just how well he did! When it was time to start a luxury tent camp in the Sierras, we naturally turned again to Ivan. We all went up to Chito’s ranch and Ivan and Chito sat down and together and mapped out the type and location of the traditional ranch kitchen Ivan envisioned as the centerpiece of camp and Chito subsequently built it for him. Ivan designed the menu and “feel” for the culinary experience and it is a wonderful homage to the ranchero culture he loves so well.

Chito: Chito has been supplying the burro and ranchero manpower for our hiking trips in the Sierra La Laguna mountains since 2003, and we have always loved his ranch there. When we decided to make a luxury tent camp in the mountains Chito’s beautiful mango, grapefruit and avocado orchard was really the dreamiest spot we could possibly imagine, and happily Chito was keen to make this project – which showcases his beloved ranchero culture – come to fruition.  Chito and his mother Angela are an integral part of the camp experience and love sharing their deep knowledge of traditional food and craft-making, as well as wonderful stories of the area and their family’s history in it.

Alan. Alan worked with us as a guide for several years, but his background and passion remained farming. Therefore, when we decided we wanted to create a garden at the Sierra camp that would supply not only that camp but the island camp and Los Colibris Casitas as well, Alan jumped at the chance to design and create the project. We now have the first vegetables and herbs coming in, and we expect to be producing in full force by the beginning of next season. Alan also designed the compost system for the camp, although he has to fight the wild pigs for the proceeds on a regular basis!

Delia. Many of you may remember Delia from the housekeeping staff from the island camp (she was also the den mother of the otherwise all-male staff there), and it took every ounce of persuasion we could muster to get her to leave her beloved island and take over as manager and chef at the Sierra camp. But we knew what an amazing cook she is and happily she has now fully embraced her new role and is cooking up some amazing food on the traditional stove that Chito (her relative as it happens) built for her. Ivan goes up every couple of weeks to work with her – mainly just because he loves it up there, not because Delia needs any help – so one of the great duos that defined the early days on the island now endures in the Sierras.

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