Kusini Weekly Update – May 25th

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These cuddly cheetah cubs are new residents of southern Hwange near
Bomani & Camelthorn Lodges!

New Frontiers: New Frontiers is going mobile with the launch of an exclusive new mobile app that gives users instant access to immediate, spontaneous and relevant travel trade information. It’s a first in the industry – get the latest info as it happens – a new safari lodge, refurbed room, exclusive discount – New Frontiers passes it on to you. You’ll get real-time, short-and-sweet information from the NF team. You can even use the app for a private chat with New Frontiers personnel. It’s easy to download – just search ‘New Frontiers’ on Google Play Store, or on iTunes, download and login with your work email address, and you’re good to go! Learn more about this innovation here!

Classic Africa Safaris: Classic Africa Safaris reminds the trade about the new gorilla habituation experience in southern Bwindi. Only available in the Rushaga region, it is proving very popular with visitors and is likely only around for a limited time, so secure permits asap! Classic is also excited to announce several new agritourism activities available for travelers to Uganda. Ranging from a visit to a beekeeping cooperative to visiting a community that has made the switch from a hunter-gatherer culture to one based on agriculture within the last 100 years, the tours will give your travelers insight into sustainable agricultural programs in Uganda. Check the Kusini blog for full details and contact Phil about including these activities in your clients’ Uganda itinerary.

The Ethiopian wolf is the world’s rarest canid and Africa’s most
endangered carnivore

Travel Ethiopia: Bale Mountains National Park is a must-see for wildlife lovers visiting Ethiopia. It’s home to the endangered Ethiopian wolf, and is noted to have one of the highest incidences of endemics of any habitat on earth. Travel Ethiopia recommends three nights at Bale Mountain Lodge, one of T+L’s12 African Lodges That Are Saving the World,’ because of the distance from Addis. Travelers will forget about the long (but interesting!) drive while exploring the amazing wildlife and otherworldly habitats of Bale. The lodge pairs perfectly with the new Limalimo Lodge in the Simien Mountains for the ultimate Ethiopian wildlife tour.

Imvelo Safari Lodges: The stork arrived in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe with a huge bundle of joy – 5 baby cheetahs! The family resides near Camelthorn and Bomani Tented Lodge in the southern area of the park, delighting guests and staff alike with regular appearances. The cubs still have the long greyish mane that appears soon after birth and is believed to be camouflage – some say it makes them look like the grass they hide in, others suggest it makes them look like honey badgers! View more photos and video of the adorable cubs on the Imvelo Safari LodgesFacebook Page.

The Underwater Room at the Manta Resort, Pemba, Tanzania

Albatros Travel: Looking for an alternative to the increasingly busy Zanzibar for the beach portion of a bush and beach safari? Albatros Travel recommends the Manta Resort on idyllic Pemba Island, just a short flight from Zanzibar but half a world away. Manta is best known for its award-winning Underwater Room but what really stands out is its remote and exclusive location on the northern tip of Pemba, offering some of the best diving in Africa. For those clients looking for real serenity and to truly slow down and unplug, Manta is a great fit.

Ultimate Safaris: A lot of exciting updates to come from Ultimate Safaris in the next few weeks! Click here to download 2017 rates and itineraries for the Ultimate Fly-in and Private Guided Safari. Meanwhile, Tristan is in Damaraland this week supervising the final building phases of Ultimate’s brand new mobile camp, scheduled to open later this year. Can’t wait for this! Finally, Birgit is busy putting the finishing touches on a new Ultimate Agent Zone, chockablock full of useful information on Namibian safaris! Stay tuned!

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