Webinar: Galapagos lodge-based journeys with Tropic Ecuador

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Join Jascivan Carvalho, Tropic Ecuador’s Managing Director and pioneer of sustainable tourism in Ecuador, for this compelling virtual journey to the Galapagos. We’ll explore the many options for land-based adventures, from unique, boutique lodges and tented camps to luxury seaside villas.

When exploring the Galapagos by land, you will see a side of the islands that most people don’t experience. That is because Land-based tourism – a recent concept in the Galapagos – is a new, more exciting and more responsible way to see the islands.

Tropic has been involved with community-based conservation travel since its founding in 1994, and on the Galapagos, the company continues to work with local people to make tourism sustainable and to ensure the preservation of the archipelago´s incredible natural heritage.

Join us on this voyage, and meet fun-loving characters like Claudio, Maria de Lourdes, Polo, Bolivar, Lelia, and the many others who are committed conservationists. Our combined support of these locals and their efforts toward responsible tourism is the best way to ensure the Galapagos Islands survive intact. While you’re at it, get closer to the islands’ extraordinary wildlife, as you explore the unique geography by foot, kayak, and mountain bike – topped off with plenty of unscheduled time to enjoy the beach and watch the sun going down over the Pacific.

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