Sossus Under Canvas, master weavers in Ecuador and green travel in Belize

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The location of Ultimate’s new Sossus Under Canvas camp is unbeatable!

What’s happening this week in the Kusini Collection:


Sossus Under Canvas guests will be immersed in the
region’s uniqueness

Ultimate Safaris: Ultimate Safaris is very excited to introduce their newest venture – Sossus Under Canvas! Located on the private 24,000 hectare Neuhof Nature Reserve bordering Sossusveli, the camp is just thirty minutes’ drive from the Sossusvlei gate. Sossus Under Canvas is being built in a naturally formed amphitheater in a granite outcrop and will open in April 2018. Bookable on an exclusive basis, the eight tent camp (including 2 family tents) will operate between April and November. Ultimate is currently taking bookings for Sossus Under Canvas, which requires a two night minimum (though we recommend three!) and can only be used as part of one of Ultimate’s privately guided or fly-in safaris. Learn more here, and note the stay 6/pay 5 special when combining Sossus and //Huab Under Canvas!

Big game biking in Botswana’s Tuli Block will whet your
adventure clients’ appetites!

New Frontiers: Standing out in the crowd is an ever-more-important tool for closing the sale, and New Frontiers continues to provide creative genius for making your itineraries unique and special. Their new 3-5 day ‘Active Adventure’ modules are designed with logistics in mind, and can be easily plugged into the classic Cape to Kruger itinerary. Guests still experience the classic elements of a South African safari, but also get off-the-beaten-track to explore some lesser-known but spectacular destinations in a very immersive way. They’ll get to strike out along the road less traveled by bike, horse, kayak or hiking boot – stoking their spirit of adventure!

One of Camp Cecil’s beautifully appointed tents – right on
the beach!

Todos Santos Eco Adventures: Lucky visitors to Todos Santos Eco Adventures’ Camp Cecil can do it all, or simply do nothing. With no wifi, electricity or other e-chatter, this exclusive, award-winning eco-retreat on Isla Espiritu Santo is a place to truly get away from it all. Guests want for nothing, as beautiful meals, drinks and activities are included, and they can choose to be busy or relaxed as they please. But knowing that the Sea of Cortez is home to 39% of the world’s total number of marine mammal species, a third of the world’s marine cetacean species, and 891 fish species, there’s incentive to explore! See some of the reasons Camp Cecil is a winner of Sunset Magazine’s 2017 Travel Award.

VIDEO: Get a peek at some of Hwange’s amazing lion
sightings from September

Imvelo Safari Lodges: Guests at Imvelo Safari Lodges’ Bomani and Camelthorn properties have experienced excellent lion sightings on game drives this year, and it has allowed Imvelo’s guides to observe the animals closely to gain insights into their relationship dynamics. Guides have discovered several individuals who live separately in small groups or alone and hunt for themselves – which is atypical lion behavior. A ‘normal’ pride structure would be a group of lioness living with 1 or 2 males and some cubs, with the lioness doing the hunting for the pride. Learn more about Hwange’s unusual lions (and see photos!) here.

Chaa Creek offers true (and delicious!) farm-to-table dining

Maya Trails: Belize has spent the last 15 years building a reputation around the local determination to preserve its natural treasures. Maya Trails can plan an amazing, eco-friendly adventure for your clients in the country, where they can discover and explore its treasures. From diving to jungle and cave exploration, artisan chocolate making (and tasting) to authentic home stays, the country has an exciting and diverse array of activities on offer. Check out this blog from our friends at Chaa Creek for inspirational ideas for green travel in Belize, including a stay at The Lodge at Chaa Creek, where guests can enjoy meals straight from the lodge’s organic farm!

Primate’s beautiful Luxury Cottages give a good night’s rest
before chimp trekking

Classic Africa Safaris: We love Uganda’s lush and beautiful Fort Portal area, gateway to chimpanzee trekking in Kibale National Park. There is no shortage of lovely places to stay, but for those guests entirely keen on spending time with the chimps, they can’t get any closer than Primate Lodge. Just steps from where chimp trekking begins, the newly refurbished lodge is looking smart. Classic Africa Safaris recommends Primate’s well-appointed Luxury Cottages, where guests can nestle into Kibale Forest’s rhythm, and with the recent upgrades, the lodge’s common areas now match the cottages’ high standard.

Tropic clients can spend time with one of Ecuador’s master

Tropic Ecuador: Ecuadorian master weaver Miguel Andrango’s family has been in the trade for at least four generations. Tropic Ecuador’s visitors can spend time with him and see his outstanding work firsthand. On their Otavalo Lodge-to-Lodge trekking program, guests can take advantage of a special opportunity to share a meal with Miguel and his family, followed by a short weaving presentation and master class. The quality of the items produced at the workshop is superior to most market’s machine-woven products, and purchases go directly into the efforts of this community to revive this ancient art. Learn more about this special visit here.

A walking safari gives a totally different perspective

Albatros Travel: Sometimes there’s nothing better on safari than the chance to really stretch your legs, and what better way than walking?  Albatros East Africa recommends walking on Kenya’s Laikipia Plateau. Treks lasting from 2 to 8 days are available, taking clients across terrain teeming with game, along rivers and onto rocky pinnacles, and into mysterious forests. In the Masai Mara, there are also spectacular walks into the Loita Hills, with beautiful forests, streams, open savanna, and cultural encounters with the Maasai. Contact Albatros to talk about incorporating a walking safari into your client’s visit to Kenya.

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