New boats in Murchison Falls

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New boats are in use in Murchison Falls NP! Your clients can choose from the double-decker Kabalega 40-seater, 14-seater Alligator or 4-seater Kingfisher boats to enjoy the park’s abundant bird & wildlife.

The Kingfisher boats are best for couples and small groups. They provide comfortable seating for up to five plus a skipper/guide. They are also suitable for sport fishing for two to three passengers.


Medium-sized Alligator game viewing boats provide comfortable seating for groups of up to 16 or casual fishing for up to 4. A carpeted upper deck allows views of wildlife beyond the reeds along the shoreline and also provides added height for fishermen.

The big double-decker (Kabalega) boat has capacity for 40. It has two decks with flexible seating arrangements. The lower deck offers seating and a bar and serving area, while the covered upper deck allows excellent views close to the shore as well as further afield. Toilets are also on board.

Comfortable, state-of-the-art river boats in Murchison Falls NP

All the boats are new technology powered by Yamaha outboard engines and are equipped with life jackets for all passengers, as well as a first aid kit. Guests can choose from daily scheduled waterfall cruises in the morning to enjoy the perfect photography light, at 11:00 am for ‘elephant bathing time’, or a relaxing afternoon cruise.

Classic recommends booking the Kingfisher and Alligator boats on a private basis. With shared boat excursions, they are unable to specify which boat will be used – it depends upon the day, which makes it likely that guests on a shared excursion will be accommodated on the double-decker boat.

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