Too Rare to Wear – Saving Hawksbill Turtles in Costa Rica

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The Hawksbill turtle or “Carey” (as it is locally known) is one of the species of sea turtles found in Costa Rican waters. It is considered a critically endangered species and in decline by the IUCN Red List and other conservation organizations. Because of its fragile status we want you to be aware that in Costa Rica you can find Hawksbill souvenirs such as jewelry, ornaments and other decorative items in many of the local markets specially along both coastlines and in San Jose´s capital city – and we urge you NOT to purchase these items.

Costa Rica Sun Tours is a proud member with To Rare to Wear protection campaign for the conservation of the Hawksbill. In order to help you and your travelers learn more about how to recognize Hawksbill Turtle items when shopping for souvenirs please click HERE!

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