On the Quest to Refresh?

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If you’re on the quest to refresh, we can think of no better place than the Manta Resort on Pemba Island!

Spend three days or three weeks – whichever your life allows – just be sure to leave unscheduled time. There are so many moments and experiences at Manta that can’t be planned. The success of the Manta Resort is wholly reliant on it’s familial-like partnership with the neighboring community and the sense of the place is anything but pretentious, despite the word ‘resort’ in it’s name. When you arrive, you are welcomed as family. In fact, Manta is the type of place that you arrive, slip your shoes off, and settle in to a simpler and more natural rhythm – allowing the days to unfold.

Recently, Jessica Saus (Director of Marketing and Sales at Manta) was walking down the beach from the resort and couldn’t resist sharing these photos of kids playing soccer (or football, if you prefer) with a homemade ball. She said their laughter was infectious! Scenes like these are commonplace, and don’t be surprised if you are invited to join in a game! There is no question that if you are seeking rejuvenation, Manta is the place!


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