Mindfulness Retreat at Camp Cecil with Omar Piña

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This December 9-12, 2018, you are invited to a Mindfulness Retreat at Camp Cecil with Omar Piña, author of the best-selling book, NAHOA. Based on beautiful Isla Espiritu Santo, this retreat will allow you to feel the heartbeat of the earth, flow in the blue healing waters of the Sea of Cortez, transform your fears, open your heart, remember who you really are, open your senses and be one with the universe…

Your Guide: Omar Piña
Your guide for the retreat is Omar Piña, Educational Psychologist, Holistic Herbal Healer, Advanced Pranic Healer, and International Ontological Coach. Omar is also Certified in Permaculture and Mindfulness. The retreat is based on the principals set forth in Omar’s best-selling book, NAHOA. 
Originally from Mexico City, Omar has studied traditional Mexican medicine with native peoples, shamans, curanderos and rancheros throughout Mexico for many years.
The Retreat:  Mindfulness Dynamics
  1. Open your senses: We will start with a sensorial dynamic with our eyes closed, walking through the beach, opening our intuition and relaxing the rational mind.
  2. Simple awareness: This sunset exercise will help us to tune in and open to our body sensations, allowing ourselves to become aware of our bodies and our connection to the earth.
  3. Attention: At sunrise we consciously adopt an alert and relaxed body posture so that we can feel relatively comfortable without moving, and then we reside with calm acceptance in the present without trying to fill it with anything.
  4. Dealing with your emotions: Now that you have a sense of the dimensions of mindfulness, you will experience progressive stages that offer a realistic approach to practice how to deal with difficult emotions.  We will do this before the water activities.
  5. Flow and heal in the ocean: We will enjoy some of the island’s many water-based activities such as kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, snorkeling, swimming with sea lions…using mindfulness tools!
  6. Stress – Responding vs. Reacting: What we are doing is creating a space to reconnect with our natural resilience and wisdom. You are simply tuning in to what is happening right now, without expectation of any particular result. We will do this at sunset.
  7. Soften, soothe, allow: Reconnect with our inner wisdom to flow with difficult moments.

For a daily itinerary and more information on Camp Cecil, the retreat, and activities, please click here to view our online brochure.

The Glamping: Camp Cecil
Award-winning Camp Cecil is located on the pristine and wildly beautiful Isla Espiritu Santo, part of a National Marine Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site. The camp includes 8 walk-in tents that have real beds, lovely linens, chairs inside and out, bedside tables with lamps, mirrors, storage areas and towels for beach and bath. Each tent can have either one king bed or two twin beds, and there is room for cots as well. (Added joy: the housekeeping staff cleans the tents and makes the beds each day!) There is a large dining tent with tables, chairs and lounging sofas where the camp chefs serve terrific food throughout the day, starting with cold breakfast and coffee, followed by hot breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Two sun shower and two compost toilet cabañas complete the camp. Camp Cecil has been featured in National Geographic, the London Times, Conde Nast Traveler, Coastal Living, Outside Magazine, Everett Potter’s Travel Report and Sunset Magazine.

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