Luxury in East Africa, jungle adventure in Guatemala and Zimbabwe ‘supermom’

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Tikal is a must-see site in Guatemala, but for archaeological buffs and
adventurers, venturing to the remote El Mirador ruins takes it to a whole
new level! Photo by M. E. Garcia

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Arrive at Chem Chem in style by chopper or depart on one
to your next destination

Albatros Travel: Looking for the East Africa safari to beat all safaris? You know that Albatros Travel hits the mark every time with fantastic value set departures, but do you know that they also design amazing 6 star luxury itineraries (and everything in between)? Their East Africa in Style safari is a great combination of landscapes, incredible exclusivity, conservation-oriented properties and diverse activities. Guests can enjoy biking and biplanes in Lewa, horseback riding from Mara Plains/Faru Faru, hunting with Hadzabe from Crater Lodge and walking safaris at Chem Chem. An optional helicopter upgrade is available so guests can feel the thrill of skimming above the vast East African wilderness. Contact Jennie with any questions.

Be sure your travelers understand the rules of the East
African Tourist Visa

Classic Africa Safaris: The East African Tourist Visa allows guests to travel between Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda, taking the place of a separate visa for each country. Classic Africa Safaris reminds us that the Visa allows multiple entries to each of the three countries for up to 90 days, however the countries must be visited consecutively, and the visa is voided if travelers make a stop outside of these three countries. The visa fee is US $100, and it must be purchased from the country of embarkation. It can be purchased on arrival for visitors starting their journeys in Kenya or Uganda, but must be purchased in advance for those visiting Rwanda first. Contact Hilda with any questions.

VIDEO: See what impact the ‘oil men’ have had on the Huaorani

Tropic Ecuador: Last year Tropic Ecuador regretfully had to temporarily close their award-winning Huaorani Ecolodge due to oil-related seismic exploration in the area. The Lodge provided work for 80 locals and profits for the communities, as well as helping to establish a 55,000 hectare reserve. Tropic continues to work with the government to find a solution. Emmy award-winning media presenter David Yetman came to see what was happening with the Lodge. He transports viewers to Huaorani Ecolodge to get a glimpse of this special part of Ecuador. He also speaks with Tropic GM Jascivan Carvalho and the Huaorani about the coming of the ‘oil men’ and the impact it has had on their community.

Sable Alley is designed to allow guests to soak in the quiet
of the Delta

New Frontiers: Ever vigilant to bring the best new properties to your attention, New Frontiers has been out and about again – this time in Botswana! Sally is back from a visit to the Okavango Delta where she spent time at the impressive new Sable Alley. Activities at the camp include game drives, bush walks (must be pre-booked), mokoro and boat excursions, and really great birding. Learn about the fantastic wildlife (including lots of wild dog), the beautiful main areas, the thoughtfully appointed rooms and more on the Agent Zone.

Boobies’ love lives aren’t as straightforward as you might
think! Photo by Colin Ruggiero.

Todos Santos Eco Adventures: Did you know that blue-footed boobies can be seen within the near vicinity of Camp Cecil, on Isla Espiritu Santo in the Sea of Cortez? The lovely and awkward birds that call Espiritu Santo home are part of what might be the largest boobie colony in the world! Blue-footedness, it turns out, is enhanced by the bright yellow pigments found in the carotenoids of the fish the birds consume, so those who catch and eat more fish get bluer feet. Learn all about these enchanting characters and the lessons they can teach us in an article from Todos Santos Eco Adventures on the Kusini blog!

Ultimate Safaris guide and photographer Tarry Butcher
swears by his Canon EOS 70D

Ultimate Safaris: See Ultimate Safaris guide Tarry Butcher featured in Travel News Namibia! Guides are are in a position to capture amazing photos every day, so Travel News Namibia decided to follow three professional guides and share tips from their photographic adventures. Check out the article for some incredible photos, a few stories and some photography pointers. It’s a reminder that it’s your guide (and their ability to position you best at a sighting!) that makes a Namibian safari unforgettable! Ultimate not only has specialist safari guides, but also customized vehicles equipped for serious photographers. Learn more about photography journeys with Ultimate Safaris here.

The cubs are still breathtaking – now they’re just bigger!

Imvelo Safari Lodges: There’s a supermom in Hwange National Park, and Imvelo Safari Lodges has been helping us to closely follow her incredible success over the last 15 months! HNP013’s (aka ‘Queenie’) cubs made their debut in May 2016, and since then guests at Bomani and Camelthorn have been treated to myriad sightings, including Queenie giving climbing lessons, a family stroll past camp, and much, much more. Upcoming visitors will have the opportunity to see these cubs disperse and become independent adults, and hopefully see Queenie’s new litter in a few months’ time! Read more about Queenie’s success as a mom on our blog.

The view of El Mirador from a helicopter is amazing and
gives a sense of its scale

Maya Trails: El Mirador is the highest and largest Maya city ever discovered and it just happens to be where Raiders of the Lost Ark meets real life. The city is nestled deep in the Guatemalan jungle (it takes 5 days to walk there!) and is still an active dig site. Maya Trails guests that choose to visit El Mirador can have a one-on-one encounter with one of the world’s foremost archaeologists, Dr. Richard Hansen, in a hands-on ‘archaeologist for a day’ experience. For those looking for an easier way to get to the site (and totally epic vistas that give a real sense of El Mirador’s scale), a 30 minute helicopter ride is available. Check the blog for more details or click here for a sample itinerary.

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