December on Pemba

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If you’ve asked about the best time of year to travel to the Manta Resort on Pemba Island, you could receive a reason to visit just about any time of the year! But, some reasons are better than others….and here’s why December is tops for preferred travel times from Jessica Saus at the Resort…

“The ocean is really calm in the beginning of December! It is my favorite time of the year actually and we are still quiet before festive season, so simply a great time to visit from 1st of December – 20th of December. We still offer our packages (stay 5 pay 4 or stay 8 pay 6) and it is just as good as peak season (which is after the 20th of December) so the packages during that time are excellent value for money.”

Gretchen will be heading off to Manta for the first time later this month, so stay tuned for her comments! And, if you have last minute needs, reach out to check availability!

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