Cultural and Gastronomic Renaissance in San Jose, Costa Rica

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San Jose is in the midst of a cultural and gastronomic renaissance – and Costa Rica Sun Tours invites you to dive a little deeper into the city! Add to this the reopening of the Gran Hotel Costa Rica, part of the Curio Collection by Hilton – we have a perfect pairing for a few immersive days in the San Jose.

The iconic Gran Hotel Costa Rica was the first hotel in the country, opening its doors in the 1930. Today, after considerable renovations, the hotel has reopened and boasts a beautiful mix of colonial charm with modern-day amenities and style. Perhaps it’s greatest selling feature being the location on Avenida Central – right next to the National Theatre and steps from the Jade and Gold Museums. We’ll add that the new glassed-in rooftop bar and restaurant provides the most spectacular view over the city.

Whether staying at the Gran Hotel, or the Grano de Oro (a standing favorite) there is much to do, and with Costa Rica Sun Tours at the helm, your clients can gain a personal and private perspective on the area including experiences such as:

  • Special access to the Jade Museum – the famous four-story building holding one of the largest pre-Colombian jade collections in the world! The Jade Museum in downtown San Jose is a true definition of modern architecture and its vast collection of pre-Columbian Jade makes this museum a must visit for anyone exploring San Jose. We can grant you access to its major exhibitions and our guides will ensure you learn and experience the tico culture and past inhabitants in the most rewarding way.
  • Join our guide on a walk through Barrio Escalante Gastronomic neighborhood, and sample fresh gourmet food and craft beer along the way! Barrio Escalante used to be a coffee plantation at the beginning of the 20th century and home to wealthy families of San Jose for years to come. In recent years Barrio Escalante has become a unique gastronomic neighborhood offering food from all over the world. Our guides will walk you through the neighborhood in search of the best food samplers and craft beer including locales such the Beer Factory, Isolina, Aguizotes, and many more.
  • Step inside the Grano de Oro’s private wine cellar for a tasting – whether you are staying here or not! Hotel Grano de Oro’s basement wine cellar is the ultimate treat in San Jose. Offering wines and spirits from all over the world, our guests will enjoy a private tour with its famous certified sommelier – proving to anyone that Grano de Oro is a true gem in the Paseo Colon neighborhood of San Jose.

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