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The only requirement at Hatchet Caye is to slow down and
enjoy the sunset

Maya Trails: Clients looking for a toes-in-the-sand retreat not too far from home? Hatchet Caye Resort in Belize could fit the bill. Just a one hour boat ride from Placencia, the private island resort offers paddle boats, SUP’s, snorkeling (including at night!), kayaking and more. Or, to completely chill out, there’s a pool, spa, and of course, the sand that we mentioned nestling one’s toes into. Maya Trails suggests combining with jungle adventures based from Chaa Creek or Caves Branch in the Cayo, or enjoy more beach time and the laidback vibe in Placencia at Naïa Resort. Don’t forget there are seasonal opportunities to dive with whale sharks!

Witnessing a turtle hatching is a magical experience!

Costa Rica Sun Tours: Being at the right place at the right time is important, but being there with an experienced guide is even more so, especially on a guided nighttime turtle nesting tour in Tortuguero NP (the most important nesting site of the endangered green turtle in the Western Hemisphere). Privileged travelers observing either end of the process – egg laying or hatching of baby turtles – are sure to have an unforgettable experience. 3 sea turtle species nest in Tortuguero: Leatherback, Hawksbill and Green. Costa Rica Sun Tours are offering your clients traveling in Costa Rica from Jul – Oct a free Turtle Nesting Tour in Tortuguero. Contact us for details!

Lunch can be rustled up just off the boat in the most scenic
locations along the Zambezi

New Frontiers: The Zambezi River is the stuff of legend. From the mighty Victoria Falls to the Kariba Dam Wall, through its rapids and deceptively placid pools, it has enchanted and challenged explorers for centuries. Now, adventurous travelers can follow in the early explorer’s footsteps on a once-in-a-lifetime 5 night river safari that traverses the entire length of the lower Zambezi River from Lake Kariba through the Lower Zambezi/Mana Pools and the stunning Maputa Gorge. For a shorter cruise, New Frontiers recommends three nights on the boat book-ended by two nights at Changa Safari Camp in Kariba and two nights John’s Camp in Mana Pools. Visit the Agent Zone for all the details on this epic journey!

No creature comfort is overlooked at Camp Cecil – now with
solar fans!

Todos Santos Eco Adventures: Summer is one of the best times to visit Baja California Sur, where visibility in the Sea of Cortez can reach up to 100 feet, making it a fabulous place to SCUBA and snorkel. Todos Santos Eco Adventures’ Camp Cecil now has solar-powered fans in each of the tents so guests can enjoy these sports and then retreat the cool comfort of the safari-style camp on Isla Espiritu Santo. Add that to the already beautiful furnishings and thoughtful appointments in each tent, the soft sand right outside the door leading to crystal clear waters and no end of things to do, and you have the recipe for the perfect island getaway!

Visitors to the Espiritu de Red exhibit can discover the legacy
of early explorers

Tropic Ecuador: The Tropic Ecuador team recently visited the Espíritu de Red exhibit at Quito’s Metropolitan Cultural Center. It celebrates the early explorers’ quest for knowledge. Visitors can learn where scientists and explorers made strides in their understanding of the history, nature and peoples of Ecuador, as well as where they missed the mark. Tropic was so impressed with the exhibit they updated confirmed bookings for visits between now and June 29th to add a stop as part of their city tour. They can also set up a behind-the-scenes visit for your VIP clients (based on availability).

An Ultimate Safaris FAM #desertadaptedagent in a Himba

Ultimate Safaris: Namibia never ceases to surprise its visitors – every fifteen minutes the scenery changes, whether turning a corner or through movement of light on the desert hues. Settling in to the natural rhythms of the country doesn’t take long, and when you do, magic happens. Sonya is just back from Ultimate Safaris’ US agents FAM with lots of stories to tell. From the fun and discovery had throughout the country with a great group of #desertadapted agents, to sneak previews of unique new offerings in the works at //Huab, Sonya will share it all in her upcoming trip report – so stay tuned!

Axel Janssen’s mobile dining experience will really wow
your foodie clients in Tanzania

Albatros Travel: 
For a very special culinary experience in the bush, look no further! Axel Janssen perfected his culinary art in Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe. Taking cues from local influences, he has created his own epicurean style: a fusion of exquisite European and African delights based on seasonal specialties. Axel has designed a trailer which comes fully equipped to cater for up to 14 guests. A set up fee of US$530 covers areas close to Arusha (Arusha National Park, Manyara or Tarangire) and menu choices start at US$30 pp. Contact Albatros Travel to book this unique and delectable dining experience! Also – the new Tanzania levy is still in flux. Click here for the latest update from Albatros.

Imvelo’s School Feeding Program has provided over 400,000
meals to children in the local communities around Hwange

Imvelo Safari Lodges: 
As a result of one of the worst droughts in Zimbabwe’s history, Imvelo Safari Lodges launched a life-saving school feeding program providing each child with a cooked meal every school day in third term (the peak of the dry season). The program started at Ngamo School in 2015 and was expanded to 11 schools in Tsolotsho and Hwange Districts in 2016. Thanks to the generosity of past guests, Imvelo raised the funds to feed 2,658 children every school day during the historic 2015-2016 drought. In total, this massive program provided 415,310 meals during three school terms. Learn more about this fantastic community program here.

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