Cooking Adventures in Baja California Sur

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What happens when you mix freshest ingredients from land and sea with the artistic talents of a local chef in the town of Todos Santos in Baja California Sur? Magic! Just like the town’s nickname, Pueblo Magico, the flavors of the food you’ll eat here have a very special quality. Bryan and Sergio Jauregui, from Todos Santos Eco Adventures knew what they were doing when combining forces with Chef Iker Algorri. Now every one of their guests has the opportunity to enjoy his recipes at Iker’s Colibris Cafe while on vacation.

Chef Iker in action!
Iker says he learned to cook out of “pure necessity.” It turns out his mother hated to cook and “served us an eternal picnic of sandwiches, tuna salad, and burritos.” It was the day that their family hired a Tlaxcaltecan woman – of pure Mexican descent (without Spanish blood) that he decided to spend his days after school in the kitchen. It was at this young age that Iker learned how to create the great traditional dishes of Mexico and over time, “blending this traditional Mexican cooking with my own experimentation that evolved into my own cooking style.” Iker’s recipes reflect his philosophy of “magnificent simplicity” and his belief that food does not have to be fancy or intricate to be wonderful. One of Iker’s cooking classes was featured on a WestJet Airlines video and he’s now published with 14 of his most popular recipes in a cookbook!
14 favorite recipes featured
Sourcing from local organic farms and supporting the town’s fishing cooperative buying the fresh catch of the day off the morning boat, guest will not only sample the wealth of local ingredients but can spend time learning about the plants and fish that provide the region with such unique cuisine. Travelers have the option of simply indulging while on vacation, or taking part in a full cooking adventure week to understand more about the natural state of the ingredients and how to prepare them.
The week includes a chance to reel in your own catch, visits to favorite roadside joints, organic farms, a cactus sanctuary, mountain potters, and of course, many of the fabulous restaurants in town where you’ll be welcomed by the chefs and treated to tantalizing tastes! To earn all these great meals, there is plenty of active adventure, as well!
Stuffed poblano peppers
Gourmet tacos, tortilla making, huevos rancheros, fresh catch ceviche, cactus salad, tequila and beer tasting can all be sampled…or learn the techniques for yourself! Click here for a sample “Todos Santos Cooking Adventures Week” itinerary. Part of this week-long itinerary was featured on famous Chef Rick Bayless’ PBS show, Mexico, One Plate at a Time. A cooking week in Todos Santos is good for the heart, soul, and belly!

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