Adios Plásticas! Big News out of Baja California Sur.

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Our partners at Todos Santos Eco Adventures (TOSEA) were delighted to share that on July 18th, the Congress of the State of Baja California Sur (BCS) voted in favor of a law that restricts the use of plastic bags, straws, and other items made of polystyrene! This restriction will last for eighteen months – at which time there will be a statewide ban on this type of plastic! In accordance with the plans, the State of BCS must guarantee that straws, plastic bags and polystyrene containers are replaced with materials from renewable resources. There is much work to be done and strategies and campaigns are being designed to promote and raise citizen awareness on the importance of this effort.

TOSEA have been at the forefront of these efforts and have already completely eliminated single-use plastic from their tours, Camp Cecil, Camp Colossus, Los Colibris Casitas, and their procurement process. In addition, as an active member of Desplastifícate Todos Santos y Pescadero, a local alliance of nonprofits, businesses, schools and individuals committed to protecting the health and well-being of their community, wildlife, and environment through the reduction of single-use plastics. They are part of the broader #Desplastifícate movement in BCS. On July 25th, they have organized an expo in Todos Santos where general public and business owners can meet local suppliers of compostable alternatives to every day, single-use plastic items such as straws, cups, bags, eating utensils and takeaway food containers. Visitors will be able to inspect the products, get pricing information, ask questions of the suppliers, and make connections. Click here to read a great article by TOSEA’s co-owner, Bryan Jauregui. We are very proud that TOSEA are our partners and we are encouraged by these strong efforts to protect the beauty and wildlife of the region!

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