A new Retreat in Kigali, new flights to Nairobi and brush up on your Damara skills

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What’s happening this week in the Kusini Collection:

The Manta Resort: A few days ago, the team at The Manta Resort were talking about New Year’s resolutions when staff member Haji B. asked about the concept – something culturally unfamiliar. After explaining our (peculiar?) penchant for starting each year off with a resolution, he piped up (in front of the whole Manta family) and said “No! I am happy with my life.” Haji is so happy and content with his life on Pemba Island, he wouldn’t want to change a thing. It makes us wonder what answer we would get if we asked people the same question around the world.

New Frontiers: Do your clients want to shark-cage dive when visiting South Africa with New Frontiers? If so, it’s extremely important to manage their expectations. Great white shark sightings have dwindled dramatically over the last 18 months, resulting in some frustration. Marine Dynamics recommends checking their daily blog to see what the current situation is. This is a good tool for in-country clients, but not as useful at the booking stage, where it is critical to let clients know what to expect. Guests will receive a 25% refund if they don’t see any sharks at all (but the sharks don’t have to be great whites and it could be 1 shark).

Albatros Travel: Getting to Kenya from North America is going to get a whole lot easier come October. Albatros East Africa has let us know that Kenya Airways has announced commencement of daily flights between New York’s JFK airport and NBO come autumn. The flights will be on KQ’s Dreamliner aircraft, and will last approximately 15 hours, eliminating the need to stop in Europe, the Middle East or other African destinations en route to Kenya. Each flight has a morning arrival – 6:30 am for JFK and 10:30 am for NBO – allowing travelers to potentially enjoy an afternoon activity in Kenya, or get straight back to work on arriving home.

Costa Rica Sun Tours: On moonlit nights from April to December, especially between the first quarter and the full moon, some of the beaches of the Peninsula de Nicoya in the Guanacaste province experience one the most amazing natural phenomena that occur in Costa Rica. The “arribada” (arrival) of olive ridley sea turtles refers to the rare nesting habit of the female olive ridley, where large groups – from hundreds to thousands – come ashore and nest over a period of 48-72 hours. Costa Rica Sun Tours (CRST) guide Alex Arias took a thrilled group for an impromptu visit early morning on December 28th, after learning that the arribada was on.

Ultimate Safaris: It’s good practice to learn a few words of the local language of your travel destination, but it can feel intimidating when visiting a country where residents are speaking a ‘click language’ such as Damara. Ultimate Safaris guide Francois does his level best in this video to provide pointers to eager safari guest Cynthia. From mastering the various click sounds (there are four – and they give words different meanings!), to learning a few words (we like the sound of the word for elephant!), it’s ‘Damara Nama for dummies.’ If you’ve ever wondered how to accurately pronounce //Huab, this is the video for you!

Maya Trails: 2018 is underway, and Maya Trails has their latest signature itineraries, day tours, rates, hotels, company information, and more available for you to plan a Guatemala or Belize adventure for your clients. They also have a fantastic photo and video repository to help you market these exciting destinations. Whether you are looking for a special signature itinerary, a customized community and culture-focused trip, a heli adventure to remote archaeological sites, or a quick weekend getaway for your clients, the team at Maya Trails can work up the perfect plan. Ask us for access to 2018 rates and info.

Todos Santos Eco Adventures: Clients itching to get away from the freezing temperatures of winter? Outside Magazine recommends a visit to Baja California Sur with Todos Santos Eco Adventures. They expect that swimming with whale sharks, snorkeling with sea lions, and sipping mezcal on the beach will chase away the winter blues. Reserve an oceanfront casita at Los Colibris for your guests for a few days – where they can take guided hiking trips or cooking classes, or enjoy dining and browsing galleries in Todos Santos. It should of course be followed by glamping at Camp Cecil in the Sea of Cortez. Winter is officially banished!

Classic Africa Safaris: We’re excited to hear that The Retreat, a new 11-room luxury hotel, has opened in Kigali. Classic Africa Safaris tells us that the hotel was created by the American owners of the renowned (and delicious!) Heaven restaurant. Designed by Italian architects and brought to life by extraordinary local builders, the hotel is staffed by a team committed to extending the warmest Rwandan hospitality to all guests. Facilities include Kigali’s only heated swimming pool, as well as a hot tub, sauna, spa and workout facilities. An onsite restaurant and bar offer delicious, local farm-to-table cuisine, refreshing cocktails and wellness menus.

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