Volcan Fuego and State Department advisory update

2018-11-28T20:16:57-05:00November 25th, 2018|

Volcan Fuego erupted catastrophically in early June this year and it received media attention again last week due to increased seismic activity. Maya Trails reminds everyone that all of their tours are 100% functional and well away from the volcano, and there is no need for alarm. The only tourism impact has been the hiking trail to the summit of Acatenango Volcano as a precaution by local authorities. Guatemala’s Aurora International Airport is fully operational.

As for your clients who wonder about general safety in Guatemala, for perspective, the state department travel advisory for the country is at level 2, which is the same as the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany, France and South Africa, among others (and interestingly, Antarctica too)!

And personally, my daughter’s first international trip was to Guatemala, when she was a year and a half! I wouldn’t hesitate to take her back today!

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