“Paving” the Way With Plastic, in Costa Rica

2019-02-12T11:08:08-05:00February 12th, 2019|

Costa Rica Sun Tours is participating in a recycling program in conjunction with the Proparques Foundation (a non-profit national park conservation association). This innovative program aims to create accessibility for all to enjoy the beach! Specifically, the program consists of collecting plastic bottle caps to recycle into boards that will be used to build Central America’s first accessible beach for visitors using wheelchairs or with other mobility challenges! The inaugural ‘boardwalk’ will lead to Cahuita National Park, in south east Limón Province.

Costa Rica Sun Tours staff have been at it for six months – collecting plastic bottles caps from their own home, neighbors, relatives, friends…anyone really! They are proud to have delivered their first large shipment to Proparques last week. We’re cheering on this effort to ensure that everyone can make it to the sea, enjoy the incredible beauty of Costa Rica in a comfortable, safe, and natural way.

Stay tuned for updates as the program progresses!

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