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The Kwanini Foundation and The Manta Resort have always been very proud of our female team members, from our scientific team to our ranger patrol volunteers. Without these vital members of our family, the Foundation would be unable to plan, manage, and execute many of our most important projects. It is with their continued support that we are able to continue monitoring and protecting the coral reefs in our Marine Protected Area and plan our future work.

February 11th saw the celebration of “Women and Girls in Science” Day, a movement designed by the United Nations General Assembly to raise awareness of these hard working members of the scientific community and work towards achieving a greater measure of equality for female scientists.

Our own scientific team is comprised exclusively of women. Headed by our Director of Conservation and Environment Dr. Lynne Barratt, her team of Marine Ecologists (Natalie Andersen and Lauren Jeffries) spearhead the Kwanini Foundation’s research and development of ecological survey and protection schemes. Without their dedicated work, it would be impossible for the Foundation to produce dedicated conservation plans in order to preserve and stabilize the natural environment underwater.

Their efforts are heavily supported by their female colleagues in our community and ranger teams. Our Gender Specialists, Rabiya and Asha, work extensively with the local communities (women in particular) to help them come to a deeper understanding of their own natural environment and world, bringing the research of our scientific team to their neighbours in a way that will help them understand how the environment is impacted by their actions and ways in which they can mitigate the impact of activities such as fishing.

Our female rangers also work incredibly hard to actively protect the local environment, conducting patrols to prevent illegal activity and regular sweeps of the beaches to clear up litter and debris.

We would like to extend a special recognition and a warm thanks to the women working hard in our scientific, ranger, and community teams, without whom the Kwanini Foundation would not be able to operate.

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