El Camino de Costa Rica

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The innovative team at Costa Rica Sun Tours are excited to announce an all-new El Camino de Costa Rica itinerary. This remote and unique experience connects the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean with world-class trekking through the beautiful mountains of Costa Rica. Designed to attract adventurers looking to immerse themselves in this tropical destination, off the beaten path. Rural community involvement is integral to the experience and cultural exchanges are a daily occurrence through food, conversation, and the warm welcome at the comfortable lodgings.

On this 10-day tour, professional local guides will lead guests along routes through breathtaking locations from sea to sea! The hikes crisscross the mountains through rain and cloud forest reserves, coffee, sugarcane, and banana plantations and past private fincas and ranchlands, deep valleys, rushing rivers and waterfalls.

Costa Rica Sun Tours has collaborated with the non-profit, El Camino de Costa Rica, whose focus is rural development. Through this itinerary, funds are going directly into these small communities who otherwise would not enjoy a piece of the tourism pie. El Camino’s first-hand knowledge of the trail and communities combined with Costa Rica Sun Tours 30-plus years of experience in the industry, expertise and know-how, guarantee a unique and very special itinerary!

El Camino celebrates the natural beauty of Costa Rica and highlights the history and culture of the people on this rural hiking adventure. Travelers can expect to hike 10-15 km (6-10 miles) per day on varying terrain including trails (at times quite steep, rocky, rooty, and muddy!) and secondary dirt roads (luggage transfers are included). Aside from the incredible views to be had, the visual wonder also includes myriad birds, flowers, monkeys, and sloths to name a few. Walkers/hikers in good physical shape will enjoy the challenge of this trek….just don’t forget your walking poles!

Meals are mostly local and highlight tico favorites such as: rice and beans, plantains, fresh fruits and veggies, chicken, fish or beef, and many local goodies. Local lunches are a highlight each day whether in-home, at a roadside ‘soda’ or picnic-style. Some highlight home-grown mushrooms and others medicinal plants…and consider yourself lucky when you can dive into a plate of chicharonnes and bbq! Don’t be surprised by some of the gourmet experiences to be enjoyed, as well!

Accommodations will vary from rustic to mid-high range. Each is chosen for its proximity to the route and comfort and all add to the full experience ahead. Given the itinerary is designed with one-night stays, we suggest packing as lightly as possible (though ensuring you have layers along for cooler nights in the mountains).

Bonus experiences abound along El Camino including: Tour of Tortuguero canals by boat, turtle tours in Reserva Pacuare, rafting the Pacuare River, hiking through the Cabecar Indian Reservation (a very unique and special experience), early morning birding sessions, a kefir and medicinal plant tour, a vanilla tasting and finally a swim in the Pacific to name just a few!

Stay tuned for details on the full itinerary or reach out to us with any immediate questions!

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