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Tropic Journeys, Ecuador

Tropic logoFounded in 1994, Tropic Ecuador is an award–winning DMC and ecotourism company which specializes in custom-designed adventure, nature, cultural travel in Ecuador. Tropic provides exclusive encounters and unique experiences for travellers with a spirit of adventure, who are keen to explore the variety of landscapes, cultures and adventures Ecuador has to offer: the enchantment of the cloud forests with their profusion of animals and birds; the lushness of the Amazon with its rivers and ancient forest peoples; the high Andes and their spectacular snow capped mountains, clear lakes and traditional hospitality.

Nat Geo World Legacy logoTropic Ecuador started working in the Ecuadorean Amazon with the indigenous Huaorani people two decades ago. The Huaorani Ecolodge opened in 2008, the result of an innovative partnership promoting a new form of ecologically friendly development sensitive to Huaorani traditions. Tropic Journeys is now continuing their successful community-based tourism model with the Floreana Lava Lodge in the Galapagos and the Mountain Guardians Lodge-to-Lodge trekking programs in the Ecuadorian Andes. In 2015, Tropic was awarded the National Geographic World Legacy Award for Engaging Communities

rainforest-alliance-certified-seal-lgTravel with Tropic is also about people and environments. Guests will make a connection with local people, contribute directly to conserving precious and threatened environments, help foster respect for native and traditional peoples and cultures, and support local projects that provide benefits for the communities visited. Visitors will make an ongoing connection with local people, and help support their efforts to conserve their natural environment and traditional ways of living.

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Mountain Guardians Lodge to Lodge Trek

Cotopaxi trekking webEcuador's first lodge to lodge trekking program! 

Looking south from Quito, Mt Cotopaxi, the country's most impressive snow capped volcano and the second highest active volcano in the world – the highest is in Bolivia - is a spectacular sight. The most important feature of the 'Avenues of the Volcanoes', the perfect conical shape of this permanently snow capped mountain attracts national and foreign visitors every day of the year, making the National Park that bears its name the most visited in continental Ecuador.


Sustainable tourism in the Galapagos

Tropic has been working in the Galapagos for two decades, promoting sustainable and socially responsible tourism. In the Galapagos, this means working with visitors and local people to guarantee the islands' precious ecosystem stays intact, and to make sure local communities receive benefits from the tourism they help to make possible.


Floreana Lava Lodge, Galapagos Islands

Floreana Lava Lodge cabins web

Once a pirates’ lair, Floreana was the first inhabited island in the Galapagos and descendents of the original population still live here together with the mysterious tales and legends that surround their ancestors. Floreana's fascinating (and sorted!) history and the desire of the local people to offer a more relaxed, more enjoyable and environmentally sensitive kind of tourism, is why Tropic chose to make  it the center its new Galapagos adventures.


Huaorani Ecolodge, Ecuadorian Amazon

Huao culture webThe award-winning Huaorani Ecolodge is situated on the banks of the Shiripuno River in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon and Yasuni Biosphere Reserve. The lodge is owned and operated by the Huaorani people, one of the most isolated ethnic groups on the planet who first made contact with the outside world just 55 years ago. The lodge has been designed to provide an intimate, harmonious and environmentally sustainable experience where visitors are immersed into the ancient culture of the Huaorani people.

May 2016 Update: Sadly, thanks to oil exploration in Huaorani territory near the lodge's operating area, the Huaorani Ecolodge was forced to close as of May 2016. Planned seismic explorations for oil are taking place virtually atop a landscape that for millennia has been home to the Huaorani who only in the middle of the last century were introduced to civilization beyond the rainforest. The Chinese oil company Sinopec, contracted by the Ecuadorian state oil company Petroamazonas, is carrying out this seismic exploration within the Huaorani territory where the Lodge is located. Learn more here. 

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