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Todos Santos Eco Adventures

Todos Santos Eco Adventures (TOSEA) is the leading eco-adventure company in Baja California Sur. For 12 years they've been sharing a passion for the phenomenal natural beauty, unique culture, and extraordinary wildlife of Baja. The Baja peninsula is comprised of an amazing collection of diverse eco systems, and they create adventures that allow visitors to explore - and help conserve - the oceans, deserts, mountains, islands, estuaries, dunes, coastlines and mangroves that support one of the most biodiverse places on the planet.  TOSEA guides and instructors are all year-round residents of Baja who have a deep knowledge and love for the area, and take great pride in sharing their knowledge and expertise. All guides are certified Wilderness First Responders, and the whole team is dedicated to superior customer service, safety, and – let’s just say it – having as much fun as possible! When you travel with Todos Santos Eco Adventures, you don't just visit Baja, you live Baja. 
CaptureTOSEA boasts being the company in Baja California Sur with the highest focus and achievement in the following areas: 
  • Guides: all Wilderness First Responder-certified, all deeply knowledgeable, all focused on a high level of customer service,  and all a lot of fun.
  • Food: The chef prepares food fresh each day for all day trips, and on the island and Sierra trips they have a chef in residence who prepares fantastic food and it is a great part of the experience.
  • Customer service: TOSEA is continually striving to up their game with respect to making the guest experience as comfortable, smooth, and fun as possible.

Family Owned and Operated

Sergio n Bryan WebTodos Santos Eco Adventures was founded by the current owner/operators, Sergio Jáuregui Mariño and Bryan Batson Jáuregui. Twenty years ago Sergio left his job as a professional clown in Mexico City, moved to Baja, and hasn’t looked back since! Sergio started his Baja guiding career as a kayak guide in the Sea of Cortez, and it is in that capacity that he met Bryan and her sisters on a kayaking trip in February 2000. The wedding followed two years later, and together they have built a company with trips that cover the entire state of Baja California Sur.


Los Colibris Casitas, Todos Santos

ColinRuggiero Los Colibris WebAmong the many lovely accommodation choices in the town of Todos Santos is Los Colibris Casitas - lovingly owned and operated by Bryan and Sergio of Todos Santos Eco Adventures. Boasting the most stunning views in Todos Santos (overlooking the Pacific Ocean and La Poza Lagoon), and Trip Advisor's "Certificate of Excellence" every year since 2011, Los Colibris is a true oasis with the best welcome around. Fast facts about the property include:


Highlights of Baja

Baja boasts being one of the most biodiverse places on the planet and as it shares the same landmass with the USA and Canada - it is very easy to get to for a quick getaway or a longer exploration.

The highlights of Baja are many including incredible interactions with wildlife that you'll experience in very few other places; active adventures to suit all interests; from surfing, hiking, and cooking lessons, to swimming with whale sharks, fishing and kayaking; the warmest welcome in the vibrant "Pueblo Magico" of Todos Santos; and incredible culinary delights from Baja's bounty of two seas!

1. Wildlife: It's like Alaska and the Galapagos rolled into one: 

  • 5 of the world's 7 turtle species nest on Baja beaches
  • Rare and amazing birds like the Blue-footed Booby and the Magnificent Frigatebird have rookeries there
  • 39% of the world's marine mammal species, a third of the world's marine cetacean species, and 891 fish species call the Sea of Cortez home
  • There is an incredibly high rate of endemism in BCS. The Sierras used to be an island 10 million years ago and the high rate of plant and animal endemism- up to 25% - reflects this early isolation. Several species never before recorded on the planet were just discovered in the last six months
  • Swiming and playingwith baby sea lions
  • Watching humpback whales leap out of the water right in front of your boat
  • Witnessing sea turtles dig a nest and lay her eggs, help the resulting baby sea turtles in their race to the sea after hatching
  • Swimming alongside whale sharks,the largest fish in the world
  • Boating through a pod of dolphins
  • Seeing blue whale mothers and babies,the largest animals to ever have lived on the earth!

2. Active Adventures Abound

The peninsula of Baja California, separating the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, is the earth's second longest and contains varied habitats from the peaks of the Sierra de la Laguna mountains to the coastal dunes. The natural diversity here offers a multitude of activities to suit all interests; from surfing, hiking, and cooking lessons, to swimming with whale sharks, fishing and kayaking. Todos Santos Eco Adventures have created building blocks of activities from their home bases of Todos Santos and Espiritu Santo, making it so easy to combine experiences for a tailor-made vacation. Read more about the building blocks and activities here.

3. Easy Access

With the resort town of Cabo and its international airport only 1 1/2 hours away, Todos Santos is an easy escape for a long weekend or multi-week itinerary. The Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) is serviced by a multitude of direct flights from the US and Canada.

4. Warmest Welcome

The town of Todos Santos, locally named the 'Pueblo Magico', is undeniably a magical oasis. This vibrant mission town turned haven for artists, chefs, fisherman, nature lovers and adventure seekers offers the warmest welcome to travelers. Combine the laid back style with TOSEA's expert guides and organized activities and you have the ultimate tropical base for adventures for families, groups, and solo travelers alike!

5. Culinary Delights

The food is fantastic, particularly in Todos Santos, where chefs make great use of the bounty of two seas and plenty of organic farming in between. For a small town there is an outsize number of fabulous eateries - this has been well covered by press such as the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. You'll also note a boom in Baja wineries! When on Espiritu Santo, you,ll enjoy the creations of a personal chef, with meals catered to all dietary requirements.


Activities and Itineraries

ColinRuggieroPhoto webThe peninsula of Baja California Sur has so much to offer the trouble is often in choosing! TOSEA has an answer to this conundrum and has created building blocks of activities for all ages! 

On land these include yoga, hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing, birdwatching, volunteering, cooking classes, sea turtle camp, ranch life exploration, traditional medicine techniques, mountain potter arts.

On the sea these includesurfing, snorkeling, kayaking, stand up paddling, whale watching, swimming with whale sharks, sea tutles and sea lions, and fishing!

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