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Why Costa Rica Sun Tours

Following are just a few of the many reasons tour operators and agents have such wonderful long-standing relationships with Costa Rica Sun Tours:
  • BARUCosta Rica Sun Tours is the most trusted and recognized Costa Rica tour operator
  • They focus sales solely on the travel trade – realizing the importance of partnerships and building your brand within the industry. This ensures continuity, safety, and creativity
  • The company recognizes their most important resource being their staff – most with 10-20 years with the company! This level of commitment ensures excellent customer service and client satisfaction with a personal touch
  • Manzanillo pan With many surprise inclusions and topnotch business relations within country – the value provided to you and your client is clear
  • Costa Rica Sun Tours are the adventure and nature specialists in the country
  • Did we mention, hands-down best guides in the region! Their natural abilities are further supported through annual certifications and trainings focused on educational and safety components
  • tortuga baula-Dermochelys coriacea- playa grandeCosta Rica Sun Tours has obtained the coveted five-leaf certification from the Costa Rica Tourism Board’s (ICT) Certification for Sustainable Tourism Program – the maximum level of certification and confirmation of their undying commitment toward operating with and educating guests about sustainable travel practices

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