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Costa Rica Sun Tours

Logo CRSTCosta Rica Sun Tours is fully committed to working with and supporting travel agencies. We are proud to represent the very best travel companies in the industry. Our thorough destination knowledge and exceptional customer service set us apart. Customizing trips which satisfy a variety of clients is what we do best, from family-friendly tours to luxury travel opportunities. Our goal is always to offer transformative, memorable, and unique travel experiences to your travelers. We understand the importance of surpassing your clients’ expectations and that they have the best vacation ever. We look forward to working with you.

Activities and Itineraries

Canyoning. Arenal. Marco FallasWith the right ingredients – in this case, a creative, enthusiastic, and detailed team, combined with a destination that has it all – you have a recipe for adventure, no matter how you define it. For nearly thirty years Costa Rica Sun Tours have explored every activity available, and when needed, have come up with their own innovative fun. In such a rich land, the building blocks for crafting unique itineraries to suit each traveler are endless. Pair this with CRST’s ability to arrange for tours that combine Nicaragua and Panama, too, and they’ll push the normal boundaries.


Sustainability and Memberships

cst-5Costa Rica Sun Tours has achieved a 5 Leaf rating – the highest possible – through the Costa Rican government’s CST Sustainability program. As a leading operator of nature and outdoor adventure tours, Costa Rica Sun Tours know it is their responsibility to establish procedures in the office, their homes and on tour with guests that help protect our natural environments, promote sustainable practices, and set an example that others should emulate. 

Highlights of Costa Rica

  • tucanBiodiversity! Costa Rica is one of the top 20 countries worldwide that can boast biodiversity in terms of species density. With nearly half a million species on record, the country plays host to approximately 5% of the Earth’s expected biodiversity! Good thing over 25% of the country consists of conservation land and naturally protected areas.
  • A geographical gem! Costa Rica is blooming with life and diversity! Travelers who return time and again will not tire of the tropical rainforest, upland cloud forest, rugged highlands, deserted beaches, volcanic soil, pristine rivers, waterfalls galore and two coastlines! 
  • Irazu-crater 1Volcanos! – with 112 volcanic cones and five active volcanos including Arenal with occasional gas emissions. All these volcanos create an incredibly rich environment and produce luxurious thermal hot springs for a relaxing dip post activities! 
  • PURA VIDA! and longevity! It is said the phrase Pura Vida has been around for over 50 years. Loosely translated to “pure life” the meaning is far deeper and integrated into everyday life – in fact it is a way of life. It is impossible to visit without experiencing this for yourself. We’re guessing this plays into the incredible life expectancy ages in the country. 

Why Costa Rica Sun Tours

Following are just a few of the many reasons tour operators and agents have such wonderful long-standing relationships with Costa Rica Sun Tours:
  • BARUCosta Rica Sun Tours is the most trusted and recognized Costa Rica tour operator
  • They focus sales solely on the travel trade – realizing the importance of partnerships and building your brand within the industry. This ensures continuity, safety, and creativity
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