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The Kusini Collection

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The Manta Resort

the-manta-resort-logoOne word. Kwanini. This one beautiful word was the icing on the cake. There was already a lot to love: the internationally acclaimed Underwater Room; the Indian Ocean with hues of blues; a vast length of fragile coral reef under conservation; a multitude of activities on land and sea - including world-class diving for all abilities; privately owned and operated with staff that have come to be family; cozy thatch roof cottages, delightful meals and evening ocean breezes - we were already sold! But, Kwanini, and the way in which managing director Matthew Saus described the word, with such passion and dedication - this is how we knew The Manta Resort, on Pemba Island Tanzania, was the perfect fit for the Kusini Collection. Learn about what it means to be Kwanini here

The Manta Resort offers something different from most tropical islands - it's not about five-star luxury. If it's serenity, close encounters with nature and a family of staff you crave, The Manta Resort is the place for you. Switch off the noisy, polluted electronic world and enter a completely different one, not as a tourist, but as a guest with simple needs: sunshine, fresh air, natural food, a comfortable bed and friendly company. 

Learn more about The Manta Resort on their website here and check out the photo gallery and videos below: