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The Kusini Collection

Welcome to The Kusini Collection

Kusini means South in KiSwahili, a Bantu language widely spoken from Kenya to Mozambique. All of our clients can be found throughout the Southern Hemisphere and hugging the Equator in both Latin America and Africa.

The Kusini Collection is a US-based travel marketing firm that represents an exclusive group of complementary, owner-operated camps, lodges and ground handlers in Africa and Latin America. Our collection offers a premium service and truly unique travel experiences. We are intimate, personalized and entirely focused on connecting highly-qualified, knowledgeable North American agents and outfitters with elite operating partners in Africa and Latin America. Ultimately, we strive to increase occupancy and drive travelers to the destinations we support.

North American Agents & Outfitters

Armed with an intimate knowledge of and first-hand experience in the North American adventure and luxury travel industry, we understand the needs of agents and outfitters and what they are looking for in an overseas partner. We provide destination and product training to our North American agents, equipping them with accurate, up-to-date and in-depth knowledge of our travel experiences, camps and lodges. Additionally, we assist with urgent communication needs, are actively involved in VIP client services, and furnish photography and marketing materials on request.

Industry Credentials

We are active members of the ATTA - The Adventure Travel Trade Association and of APTA - Association of Promotion of Tourism to Africa (Pacific Northwest Chapter and the Rocky Mountain Chapter).

Who's Who

Tad Bradley, Principal

TB profileFrom the theater stage and video game console to the backpack and compass, Tad Bradley has been exploring new worlds his entire professional life. After a successful career directing marketing and advertising campaigns for theatrical companies on and off-Broadway, Tad then worked on a global advertising sales team at Microsoft developing interactive marketing programs on the Xbox platform for brands such as AT&T, Verizon, Ford, Unilever and Frito Lay. After several years of virtual adventures, he gladly took the leap into the real-world adventures of the travel industry. He got his start working in Guatemala as a guide and marketing consultant for several local adventure operators. This led to an opportunity with Wildland Adventures where he served as Marketing Director and launched a major company re-branding while streamlining and improving the overall sales process.  He joined Kusini Collection and founder Lyndsay Harshman in 2012. He relishes the short commute to his home office and the opportunity to connect and consult with the best adventure and luxury operators on three continents. 

Sonya Bradley, Business Development Manager

sonya profile 2Sonya Bradley’s passion for authentic and responsible travel is the natural upshot of her extensive travel industry experiences married with her personal adventures and youth spent living abroad. During her tenure at Country Walkers, Sonya championed the Latin America tour division which included new tour development, quality assessment, destination education, guide management and training, and sales. Under her management the Latin America portfolio evolved its own marketing and catalog initiative, as well as securing a significant market share within the company’s broader offerings. With this success, the company turned to Sonya to develop its a stand-alone safari brand. As the Director of CW Safaris, she was responsible for all aspects of the business; from group and private tour development to contract negotiations, marketing, sales, and operations, Sonya created a safari brand that was highly respected within the industry. Also while at CW, she founded and chaired the company’s Responsible Travel Committee and its CW Travelers’ Fund. Hard work and strong relationships worldwide led to award-winning tours and distinguished media coverage.  In addition to her professional experiences in Africa, Sonya also lived on the continent. At the age of nine, her family moved to Tanzania for five years followed by Ghana for many more. Personal and professional travel has taken her on adventures throughout Latin America and Africa – each one life-changing and inspiring. Sonya now brings her love for travel and commitment to traveling responsibly to the Kusini Collection. Her goal is to unite exceptional U.S.-based outfitters with top adventure and luxury travel experiences across the globe. 

Gretchen Healey, Marketing and Social Media Manager

Gretchen bio picGretchen Healey was prepared for a lifelong career immersed in the world of information technology. She spent years in executive leadership at Fortune 50 companies such as IBM and AT&T, but her passion for sustainable travel and wild places won out. Gretchen left the corporate world for a safari consultancy position in 2009, where she developed award-winning itineraries, a sustainability program and expanded the company's community involvement programs. In 2010, Gretchen founded Pangolin Media, a full service copy writing development and online strategy consulting company focused on the travel industry and wildlife conservation. She has worked with representation companies, tour operators, travel agents, product development organizations and NGO's in areas that range from communications to field implementation of wildlife protection technology. She currently serves on the board of directors for the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Association for the Promotion of Tourism to Africa, as well as on the board of AfricAid, an organization facilitating girls' education in Tanzania. Her adventures have taken her from the depths of the rain forest in the Democratic Republic of Congo to the pristine waters of the Galapagos and beyond. Gretchen brings her passion for travel and extensive first-hand experience with Kusini Collection partners to Kusini's communications. 


Finally, a personal thank you to Kusini Collection founder Lyndsay Harshman! Lyndsay launched the Kusini Collection in October 2010 and built one of the best and most respected travel portfolios in the industry. As her business partner for three years, I owe her a debt of gratitude for the opportunity to help grow this amazing portfolio. She's been a mentor, sounding board, and most importantly a great friend. Thank you Lynds! - Tad Bradley





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